Antonia Releases New Single And Music Video “Amya”

We have a brand new single and music video from Antonia. “Amya” really shows off how incredible this Romanian female singer is as she continues to make waves with her music. This song follows on from her collaboration with Micke, titled “El Amor“, and her own single “Iubirea Mea“.

The song has Antonia’s identifiable dance sound, but it’s much darker than what we expect from her. It’s more like “Dor de tine” rather than her recent tracks. This dark side is certainly exciting, and we can so see all her releases being combined for an album – it’s about time she followed up her debut LP This Is Antonia.

It’s a fast-paced dance track. Our rough Google translation of the lyrics suggest that the song is about her going out with a liar, someone who consistently lies and cheats. Definitely not a healthy relationship; and, it’s no wonder she seeks revenge in the music video.

“Amya” was written by Alex Velea and Cristian Valetin Udrea, whilst the instrumental was created by Razvan Matache and Florin Buzea, all mixed and mastered by Sergiu Musteata, as for the music video, that was directed by Khaled Mokhtar.

Watch Antonia’s Music Video For “Amya” Here:

Stylish, determined, and sexy, Antonia brings it for this visual in every way. We watch her performing the song in an industrial warehouse. She’s backed up by four female dancers, who impress us with incredible choreography; unfortunately, Antonia doesn’t join in.

They kidnap a guy and blindfold him. they torment him throughout, suggesting that he is the liar and the cheat that Antonia is singing about. The ending sees her ripping off the blindfold and walking away from him. Boy bye indeed.

“Amya” is now available to download and stream on all platforms. It has been released through Global Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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