Avan Jogia’s New Movie Trailer Is Coming Next Week

Avan Jogia, the star of shows like “Victorious”, “Twisted” and the Spike mini series “Tut”, is in a brand new movie! The movie is called “Shangri-La Suite” and the trailer is coming to fans next week.

Avan Jogia's New Movie Trailer Is Coming Next Week. 2

It is directed by Eddie O’Keefe and features not only Avan (who plays Teijo), but other big name stars like Ashley Greene, Burt Reynolds and Emily Browning.

Let’s just say the plot is to do with someone wanting to kill “The King” aka Elvis Presley. But we won’t tell you too much, you’ll have to watch for yourselves!

September is the set date for release and fans are hoping the trailer leaves them wanting more.

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