INNA Releases Second Promotional Single “Tropical” From New Album “Nirvana”

INNA sure knows how to treat her Club Rockers. Every single day of this week, she plans on releasing a promotional single from her brand new album “Nirvana”. This album, which will be her fifth studio LP, will be released on 11 December 2017. “Tropical” was released two days ago, and follows previous promo single “Don’t Mind“.

If these promotional singles are anything to go by, the title of this song easily describes the INNA’s fifth studio album. By the 11 December 2017, we’ll have heard all the tracks on the “Nirvana” album, just as the LP drops. Now, this sure is a full-on treat for all her fans – Club Rockers.

Alongside the release of this promotional song, INNA dropped a lyric video on her YouTube Channel. We watch her walking and running on a beach, certainly taking us back to the “Amazing” music video – what a throwback. “Tropical” was written by Sebastian-Alexandru Barac, Marcel Botezan, Vlad-Octavian Lucan, David Ciente & Thomas Troelsen.

Watch INNA’s Lyric Video To Promotional Single “Tropical” Here:

Once again, this song is very different to anything we’ve heard from INNA to date. There’s a distinctive trumpet-like sound throughout that certainly brings this tropical vibe. The song takes us to those carnival festivals we all know and love.

INNA’s vocals are beautiful from the minute she sings the first verse. There’s some heartfelt passion thrown in as she continues with the lyrics, whilst the chorus takes the song to the clubs. There’s also a couple of reggae lyrics, voiced by an uncredited vocalist, that certainly switches the track up a bit. We’re sure this is going to stand out on the “Nirvana” album.

It has a lot of happy energetic vibes throughout, which is why the above lyric video really works. We could so imagine a brilliant music video for this song if it gets chosen to be released officially.

Stream INNA’s “Tropical” Track Here:

“Tropical” is available to download and stream, right now, on all platforms. It has been released by Global Records. Keep your eye out for our upcoming articles as we continue to write up about INNA’s promotional singles. We cannot wait for “Nirvana” to drop!

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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