Inna’s New Online Music Video For “Say It With Your Body” Finally Gets Released

After months of teasers, Global Records finally released the online music video for Inna’s new song “Say It With Your Body”.

Inna has confirmed this song will be a promotional single for her upcoming album. It follows her single release of “Heaven” earlier this year.

Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu, became a global success back in 2008 when she released “Hot”, her follow-up singles did well internationally, with “Sun Is Up” becoming another world hit. Since then she has worked with the likes of Pitbull, Flo Rida, Manian Hill and J Balvin, as well as fellow Romanian artists Antonia, Alexandra Stan, Lori, Carla’s Dreams and Daddy Yankee. She also became a part of G Girls for a one-off project.

“Say It With Your Body” and “Heaven” will be part of her fifth studio album, which is expected to be released soon. It’s clear she’s gone down a much more tropical route for the sound of her new album.

Watch Inna’s online music video for “Say It With Your Body” here:

The video is only an online promotional video for the promotional single. She delights in the pure performance piece, effortlessly sexy and sultry.

She shines throughout taking the spotlight; her love interest, however, is only slightly visible in the clips. He looks dashingly handsome, strutting around with his top off.

The main focus is on Inna, she sends out energetic vibes in this performance video. Water drips from her hair and body onto the floor below. One of the shower stalls in the video, contain lyrics from her previous album, scrawled on the walls. The lyrics that are included are from songs “Too Sexy”, “Take Me Higher”, “Rendez Vous”, “Bop Bop” and “Cola Song”. There are probably more lyrics hidden in the video, see if you can find them.

Also released was the single artwork cover for “Say It With Your Body”.

This promotional single will be released soon; her fifth studio album should follow, stay tuned.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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