Panic! At The Disco Post Cryptic “Join Us” Message Across Social Media

Panic! At The Disco fans are all pretty curious right now. Yesterday, the band posted this mysterious image accompanied by the phrase “Join Us”, and the Roman Numerals IX XXII, which translate to 9/22, or September 22nd.

The link brings you to an email signup form, with the message “join us” repeated again. All of the band’s layouts on social media have been changed to the new logo and an image of a boy in a chair.

The band also released two short teaser trailers on their YouTube channel. The first one shows clips of a boy running through fields of crops and abandoned farmhouses, accompanied by eerie backing noises.

The second trailer is slightly darker, and features images of a skull covered in blood, a creepy, red robed horned creature, and the boy in the chair.

The saga continued to grow even more mysterious when Noah Schnapp, who played Will Byers in the wildly popular Netflix series, Stranger Things, got involved. He briefly appears in the second teaser trailer, and is the boy seated in the chair in the image that was released. Noah also quoted the band’s “join us” tweet and changed his Twitter bio and header to reference the project.

Fans have been speculating left and right about what this cryptic message could possibly mean. Is it the long awaited LA Devotee music video? Is it a brand new song and video? Is the band involved in a future soundtrack for Stranger Things? Have we all just joined a cult? Most importantly, between the spooky theme in the teaser videos and the fact that October is just around the corner, is Panic! gearing up for a remake of this video?

Many fans are also comparing it to the situation earlier this summer when My Chemical Romance posted a similarly mysterious video titled MCRX, with the date September 23rd. Fans were elated at the possibility of new music or a band reunion, but MCR later confirmed they were only re-releasing their song The Black Parade on its tenth anniversary.

Only time will tell what Panic! At The Disco’s newest project could possibly be. Luckily, we don’t have much longer to wait until more about “Join Us” is revealed.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.