EP Review: Road Trip – ‘Tokyo Hotel’

Road Trip – made up of members Andy, Brooklyn, Jack, Mikey and Rye – have released their second EP, titled ‘Tokyo Hotel.’ This EP follows the release of their debut EP ‘Miss Taken,’ which was released earlier this year. The ‘Tokyo Hotel’ EP features six original songs, including ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ and ‘Stranger.’

Here at CelebMix, we review Road Trip’s ‘Tokyo Hotel’ EP. Check out our review below!

‘No No No’ 

‘No No No’ is the perfect track to kick start Road Trip’s second EP. With its upbeat nature and catchy beat, you can’t help but fall in love with the track. At the beginning of September, Road Trip released an official music video for ‘No No No’ – providing fans with the first preview of what could be expected from the EP. Overall, this track sets the standard for the rest of the EP, and we absolutely love it!

‘Tokyo Hotel’

From the offset of this track, it instantly represents a different sound for Road Trip. Again, it’s another upbeat track and maintains a steady beat throughout, which allows each member to showcase their vocals in the more stripped back parts of the track in the lead-up to the chorus. As soon as we heard this track, we were singing along instantly!

‘Not Giving Up’ 

The emphasis on an acoustic and guitar-orientated sound is evident in ‘Not Giving Up.’ We love the stripped back nature of this track. By being stripped back, it allows for the band’s vocals to be displayed. The harmonies throughout the EP are excellent, however, in this particular track, they truly stand out, once again displaying the talent of the band.

‘Don’t Break My Heart’

Most of the tracks on this EP are extremely upbeat, but ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ in particular definitely has to be one of the most upbeat ones! In addition to its upbeat and energetic nature, it is extremely catchy and is no doubt set to be a firm favourite with Roadies when it is performed live. We can’t wait to hear this track live!

‘When It’s Over’

This track varies with its beat, but makes an excellent track. This EP represents a variety of sounds from the band, however, their musical diversity and versatility makes for a great EP. ‘When It’s Over’ is quite different to other material that has been released from the band in their time together, however, we absolutely love it!


This is one of the slower tracks on the EP. With a slower track such as this, it provides the perfect opportunity for vocals to be showcased, and Road Trip truly seize this opportunity. ‘Stranger’ is quite an emotional track, with heart-wrenching lyrics, highlighting the heartbreak experienced during a break-up. Despite being the final track on the ‘Tokyo Hotel’ EP, this track did not disappoint in the slightest!

If you haven’t already, you can buy the ‘Tokyo Hotel’ EP from iTunes by clicking here.

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Written by Rachel Dempster