Terror Jr Reveal Lisa & Release The Last Bop City Installment

Today marks not only the day that powerhouse singers like Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato release their latest albums but also the day that indie-electropop trio Terror Jr conclude their Bop City series.

The group that first attracted the public eye when their debut single “3 Strikes” was used in a commercial for Kylie Jenner’s “Glosses”, back in March 2016, has come a long way since then.

Enveloping themselves in mystery at first, only the producers’ names were revealed one after the other. The singer’s face was, deliberately, left unknown. She was only referenced to as “Lisa”. Fans speculated Miss Jenner to be a part of the group herself, trying to start her long-desired music career under a false name. The producers, Felix Snow and David Vine, both of whom have a repeated history of producing hit songs, neither confirmed nor denied those rumors. Which then sparked even more intense debates.

Over the course of the next year, two albums, totalling 21 songs, and an array of remixes have been released as part of their Bop City series. Their most successful track “Come First”  is close to reaching the 100 million stream threshold on Spotify.

Now, in expectation of their first tour, the group released another EP today.
“Bop City: The Girl Who Cried Purple” not only marks the conclusion to the Bop City era. It also marks the first time that Lisa is revealed to the pubic. But let’s start at the beginning.

The concluding “Bop City” part is a quick, yet highly enjoyable one. It sadly only consists of seven songs and is therefore even one track shorter than their debut EP.

This should not put you off of listening to it though. It’s cute, catchy, sad, and full of the great melodies that the group has become so good at delivering. Filled with bright, boppy beats that were first introduced to us during their debut tracks, the songs are now paired and delivered with a certain sense of melancholy and earnestness we have not quite heard before. Calmer and more focused, Bop City 3 marks a return to the old style, while at the same time seeming like a progression. Highlights include their longest track to date, “IDK + IDC”, which will make you feel all of the emotions possible. “Fight and F*ck” is a boppy goodness that is simply “grape”, as the group would put it. Then there is “Useless”, a gem that might literally leave you crying (purple).

Listen to the album for yourself if you would like to. We included a Spotify link down below. It is also available on any other service/digital retailer.

Long-time-collaborateurs Kid Froopy and Lincoln Jesser helped produce the tracks. The former will also join the group during their first tour, which takes them through sold-out venues in the US and Canada, starting next week.

As if a tour is not enough, Terror Jr also teased the release of their first LP outside of the Bop City world, coming soon. Good news, right?

And the best part is that we also finally know who the lead singer is. The woman in question is called Lisa Vitale. She provided the heavenly vocals that were, especially at the beginning, so incredibly chopped up and distorted. The producers still kept it alike with the latest tracks but have also given her enough tracks to shine on. “IDK + IDC” or “Set in Stone” are good examples of her vocal power.

Lisa’s face serves as the main focus on the album cover. If you want to see more of Lisa, hear her singing and playing the guitar live, the tour might be your chance.

Do you like Terror Jr? Are you shocked about Lisa not being Kylie? And are you excited about their new music and tour? Tell us all about it the comments below. Or @CelebMix on Twitter.

Written by Heiko

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