12 Greatest Supernatural Episodes0

12 Greatest Supernatural Episodes

In honor of the twelfth season of Supernatural, we made a list of our 12 greatest Supernatural episodes! The following 12 are in order by season and episode.

What Is and What Should Never Be

In this episode, Dean goes to hunt a Jinn alone and gets attacked. He is then transported into an alternate reality where he is living a life where his mother never died.

Dean now has a girlfriend named Carmen, Mary never died, and John has died. Along with all of these things, Sam and Dean don’t get along. With so many things being different, all of the people that Sam and Dean have ever saved have now died.Throughout the whole episode, Dean sees a girl in white dress and it helps him figure out how to get out of the fake life that he’s in.

Throughout the whole episode, Dean sees a girl in white dress and it helps him figure out how to get out of the fake life that he’s in. Dean gets silver dipped in lamb’s blood so he can kill the Jinn. Sam tags along when Dean goes to hunt the Jinn that sent him into an alternate reality. Dean finds the girl that he’s been seeing. He realizes that he must die in the fake world to wake up in the real world. He stabs himself and then wakes up in the real world where Sam is trying to get him to wake up. Him and Sam both get out of the building Dean was being held in and save the girl Dean kept on seeing.

Mystery Spot

If you like the song “Heat of the Moment” by Asia, this episode is for you. In this episode, Dean keeps on dying and every time he does, Sam wakes up and it’s Tuesday. Before Dean dies the first time, they are walking down the street talking about the Mystery Spot. They break into the business after hours to check it out. The owner finds them in the building and confronts them with a shotgun. The gun accidentally goes off and hit Dean in the chest. He dies later. After every time Dean dies, Sam wakes up to “Heat of The Moment” and Sam has to tell Dean everything that’s happened.

Dean eventually believes Sam and tried to keep himself from dying. After the hundredth Tuesday, a man who debunk tourist traps goes missing. It was “just desserts” that someone who debunks tourist traps would go missing in one. Sam notices that a man who has been eating pancakes every morning is having strawberry syrup instead of his regular syrup. Sam and Dean chase the man to find out it is actually the Trickster. After Sam threatens to kill him, the Trickster says that the next time Sam wakes up, it will be Wednesday.

Sam wakes up to hear “Back in Time” and it is Wednesday. Despite it being Wednesday, Dean still dies and Sam tries to save him. Sam eventually meets up with the Trickster. The Trickster brings Dean back and when Sam wakes up, it’s Wednesday and Dean is there.


The Ghostfacers are a group of people who are shooting a reality show about hunting ghost. Sam and Dean show up at the same location the Ghostfacers! did and they both get trapped in the house. The episode plays like a reality show would.

The Ghostfacers search the house and run into Sam and Dean who they recognize. Sam and Dean help them realize that they are dealing with death echoes.

A member of the Ghostfacers crew goes missing which leads everyone to being trapped inside the house for the night. While searching for Corbett, the member of the team who went missing, everyone tries to figure out why the echoes are there. None of those ghosts died in the house.

Sam eventually disappears and is in the same room as Corbett. They are at a table with a birthday cake sitting on the table. A man walks out and kills Corbett.

Dean figures that Sam and Corbett might be in the basement. The door locks behind him and he gets separated from the rest of the Ghostfacers crew. The others put themselves in a salt circle to keep ghosts away from them. They end up seeing Corbett’s death echo. Everyone on the Ghostfacers crew reveal that Corbett liked Ed. Ed uses that to his advantage and talks Corbett out of his replaying death echo. Corbett fights another ghost and keeps him from killing Sam and Dean.

The next morning, everyone who is still alive leaves the house.

The episodes ends with Ed and Harry (the two main Ghostfacers) showing Sam and Dean the pilot for their show. Sam and Dean leave behind an electromagnet that erases all of the computers hard drives along with the computer that held the Ghostfacer episode.

Yellow Fever

A Buruburu monster gives you two days of fear and paranoia before your heart just stops. After three deaths that all ended the same way, Sam and Dean want an autopsy. They find nothing aside from scratches on the victims’ arm.

Later that evening, Dean begins to exhibit strange behavior and sets off an EMF detector proving that he is being haunted. They diagnose him with ghost sickness. With this sickness, Dean would keep getting scared until his heart gave out. Bobby tells him that if the ghost is destroyed in time, the sickness will go away.

When Dean coughs up a wood chip in their hotel room, Sam says that Dean is their biggest clue to finding the ghost. They go to an abandoned lumber mill to fins the ID of a man who is now dead. The mans brother reveals that Frank O’Brien (one of the victims) killed his brother.

Sam and Dean realize that all the victims of ghost sickness are living Luther’s death in slow motion and they must kill Luther again the same way he died.

At the end of this episode, the editors included a clip filmed during a break of Jensen lip syncing along to “Eye of the Tiger.”

It’s a Terrible Life

Sam and Dean are yet again thrown in to an alternate reality. Dean is now Dean Smith and Sam is Sam Wesson. Dean spends all day in a nice office while Sam is sitting in a cubicle doing tech support. When they meet in a elevator, Sam thinks they know each other while Dean doesn’t think they do.

They meet again in an elevator the next day Sam asks Dean if he knows anything about hunting and ghosts. Dean tells him he overshares and says no.

Later that night, a co-worker kills himself by shoving his head in a microwave and the next day another co-owner dies by stabbing himself in the neck with a pencil.

Sam and Dean get together to do research and use the Ghostfacers website. Co-workers continue dying off and Sam and Dean get attacked by the ghost hunting the building.

After killing the ghost, Sam and Dean realize they aren’t supposed to live the office life.

Changing Channels

“Changing Channels” is our next pick. In this episode, the Winchester brothers are thrown into T.V. Land by the Trickster. Sam and Dean are in their motel room getting ready to go investigate the death of Mr. Randolph. Clues from the incident lead Sam and Dean to believe they are dealing with the Trickster

Later on, they hear a call coming through on the police station scanners. When they get to the scene of the supposed crime, they are thrown into T.V. Land. Once finding and confronting the Trickster in T.V. Land, he tells the brothers that they need to play their roles to get out of T.V. Land. Dean gets shot in the first T.V. show they are put into which happens to be a show about doctors. Sam must operate on Dean as though he is a doctor and Dean is a patient.

The brothers immediately get thrown into a new T.V. show where Sam tell Dean he must play his role. After successfully answering the question, Sam and Dean had to act out a commercial before being put back in the Supernatural live comedy.

The Trickster shows up and tells Sam and Dean how to get out of T.V. Land. The brothers must play their roles in T.V. Land and in the real world, Sam as Lucifer’s vessel and Dean as Michael’s vessel.

Sam and Dean eventually find out the Trickster is actually an archangel named Gabriel. They trap him in holy oil and tell him they will not complete their “destiny.” They leave the building and turn on the fire alarm so the fire goes out and Gabriel can get away.

The Real Ghostbusters

Dean and Sam follow a text message from Chuck (writer of the Supernatural books) to a convention room. The text message came from Supernatural super-fan Becky.

A Supernatural convention was being held when fans took part in a fictional ghost hunt. The woman, Leticia, they were fake hunting came out and starting attacking fans at the convention. Four little boys that Leticia was looking after also start attacking people at the convention.

Sam and Dean thought that Leticia was the problem so with a fake Sam and Dean, they burned Leticia’s bones. By doing this, they set the boys free. Sam and Dean get Chuck to keep everyone in the same room so they could burn the children’s bones.

At the end of the episode, Becky tells Sam and Dean that Bela gave Crowley the Colt so they then have a lead on the gun.

Dark Side of The Moon

Sam and Dean find themselves with guns pointed at them when they wake up. They are both shot and sent to Heaven. Both boys start to relive the happiest moments of their lives. Castiel gets a hold of Dean through his car radio and tells him he must follow the road to find Sam.

Once Dean finds Sam, Castiel tells the both of them that they must stay away from Zachariah. They must stay away from the light or else they will be sent back to Earth without finding God. They must find Joshua who talks to God.

While running away from Zachariah, a masked man appears and tell Sam and Dean to follow him. The find out that the masked man is Ash, someone who died earlier in the show. Ash explains to Sam and Dean everything that is going on in Heaven.

Sam and Dean end up in The Garden with Joshua who tells them that God knows what they need to say and he doesn’t think it’s his problem.

It ends with Dean and Castiel upset about the news while Sam still has hope.

The French Mistake

Balthazar appears at Bobby’s house and sends Sam and Dean into an alternate reality along with a key in “The French Mistake.” The key leads you to all of the angelic weapons. Those weapons help Heaven remain in Cas’ hands.

Sam and Dean are cast into a T.V. show called “Supernatural” where their lives are a T.V. show. While trying to contact Cass, they run into Misha Collins, the actor who plays Castiel. They find out from “Cas” that they are actually on a T.V. show. After finding “Dean’s” trailer, they do some research to find out they are both actors. Sam and Dean go back to set to find the things they need to reverse Balthazar’s spell. Upon arriving at the set, Sam and Dean find out everything they need is fake.

Sam and Dean have their driver take them back to “Jared’s” house to find out that Jared is married to is married to Ruby, also known as Genevieve. Genevieve leaves for a charity dinner and they guys go and buy the things they need for the spell. Their driver then takes them to the airport the next morning to get the things they just bought. They arrive early on set to try and reverse the spell. Before they can try to reverse the spell, they must act out a few scenes. After acting a little bit and trying the spell, Sam and Dean figure out that the alternate reality they are in his no magic.

The angel who wants to get the key from Sam and Dean shows up on set, they fight him but he ends up with the key. The angel kills Misha to make a call. After this, they call Eric Kripke to come and talk to Sam and Dean. The angel gets to the set and shoots everyone including Eric and Bob Singer.

Sam and Dean eventually get back to their reality where Raphael is there waiting for them. Raphael demands the key only for Balthazar to arrive and say that the key Sam and Dean had was a decoy. Castiel shows up and reveals he has the weapons Raphael is looking for. Cas gets Sam and Dean back to Bobby’s house without telling them more about what’s happening.

Season 7, Time For A Wedding!

At the beginning of the episode, Sam announces to Dean that he is marrying super-fan Becky.

Becky went through all the tests to prove that she wasn’t a demon or monster, but Dean is still unsure of the whole thing. He leaves Bobby a message about everything that is going on.

At Becky’s 10 year high school reunion, Becky meets up with guy who gives her a vial which later turns out to be a love potion she is giving Sam. Becky forgets to give him some more and Sam comes down with a headache. She quickly slips Sam some more potion without him noticing.

Dean shows up and tells Sam that he’s ready to be supportive of the marriage and finds out the Sam and Becky are working a case which they believe to be a Crossroads demon. Bobby isn’t able to help with the case and sends Dean Garth to help him.

Sam gets another headache and Becky fins out she has run out of potion. She asks Guy for more only to discover that he’s a Crossroads demon and wants her soul for more potion.

They get Guy to stop his deals and Sam and Becky sign an annulment papers so they are no longer married.


“Bitten” is an episode based almost entirely on an ammeter film shot by Brian. Sam and Dean enter a room and see a computer screen with the words ‘play me’ on it. The movie starts shortly after.

In the movie, Sam and Dean see clips of themselves. One of the boys helping Brian gets attacked on camera. Brian finds him and takes him back to his room. All of Michael’s wounds are suddenly gone.

It’s later revealed that Michael was bitten by a werewolf. He also bites his girlfriend Kate and transformers her in to a werewolf. After watching to footage, Sam and Dean agree to not go after Kate unless she attacks anyone.

Fan Fiction

Supernatural celebrated it’s 200 episode by having it revolve around fan fiction. Marie is the writer/director of the Supernatural play. It’s all based on her interpretation of “Supernatural.” Their school’s drama teacher goes missing along with a student prompting Sam and Dean to investigate. Dean doesn’t like the Supernatural play because it involves singing and it adds in other things that don’t go on in Supernatural.

Sam and Dean help Marie and Maeve (stage director) figure out that the monster that took the school teacher and the student (Maggie) is a Calliope. A Calliope creates creatures based on an author’s vision and uses that creature to inspire the author. It will also take out anyone who tries to destroy the author’s vision, that’s why it took the drama teacher and Maggie. The Calliope will then eat the author after their vision is recognized.

The play is later put on and Sam and Dean must kill the Calliope during the show. Sam gets taken so that leaves Marie and Dean to find the creature the Calliope has made. After Sam gets taken, he finds himself in a room with the school drama teacher, Maggie, and the Calliope. Sam kills the Calliope and the play gets to go on. They stay to finish watching the show and then leave after it ends. At the very end of the episode, Maeve pulls Marie away from everyone to tell her that the ticket she left for the publisher was claimed. She walks up and meets Carver Edlund also known as Chuck. When asked what he thought of the play he said it was, “not bad.”


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