The 12 Greatest Supernatural Villains of All Time

When a TV show airs for 11 seasons and then starts season 12, it’s important to go back and reminisce about all the good, the bad, and the terrifying. And because Supernatural has managed to give us some of the best characters and some of the best storylines we’ve ever seen, it seems a bit difficult to pick and choose our favorites — especially when we remember some of the anger-inducing things they’ve done.

But because we don’t have all day and writing an article on every single amazing character would leave us writing for months and years on end, we’ve compiled a list of 12 of the best Supernatural villains as of the end of season 11.

Just as a simple reminder, if you aren’t completely caught up with the show, you should probably avoid this post for spoilers.

  1. CainThe 12 Greatest Supernatural Villain 1

    Easily one of the best storylines to come out of the Supernatural  world — the story of Cain and Abel. Considering Cain was actually protecting his brother — who was corroborating with Lucifer — Cain managed to start off as an ‘okay’ guy — he had retired because he had fallen in love with someone. But when he subjected to the mark, it all led to chaos, at least in simple terms. I mean, he did try to kill off all of his descendants, but we can try arguing that it wasn’t him — that it was the mark through him.

  2. LuciferThe 12 Greatest Supernatural Villain 2

    Lucifer is easily a fan-favorite, as far as villains go at least. So, he managed to possess both Sam and Cas, and then also managed to bring forth the Apocalypse. I mean, that was stopped, but this guy still managed to try to wipe out humanity! And that’s also not mentioning the fact that he was trapped in a cage for several years and then tried to do something good — which ended up getting him banished to God-knows-where (shout-out to Chuck!). Sometimes the bad guys have to remain bad in order to avoid issues of their own.

  3. MetatronThe 12 Greatest Supernatural Villain 3

    So he starts off working for God and then he’s forced out of heaven and then he casts all of the angels out of heaven and then he plays God and kills off angels he doesn’t like. Metatron was a selfish mess and he was Dean’s killer in season 9 (which leads him to become Demon!Dean), so we believe Metatron deserves a spot on the list.

  4. RubyThe 12 Greatest Supernatural Villain 4

    Ruby started off like everybody else — trying to help Sam and Dean. But considering she was actually trying to get Sam to break the final seal and to release/host Lucifer, Ruby was definitely one of the most deceitful villains — and she totally kicked ass during every episode.

  5. CrowleyThe 12 Greatest Supernatural Villain 1

    Well we can’t just ignore the fact that Crowley was the King of Hell — I mean, sure he has a bromance going on with Dean, but that doesn’t mean he still isn’t continuously trying to seek for revenge from everyone else. And considering he’s always looking for ways to better himself, we’re still proud to see Crowley on the regular.

  6. RowenaThe 12 Greatest Supernatural Villains of All Time 1

    So she did manage to go and team up with Lucifer — which ended up with him snapping her neck. Which isn’t very nice right? She also tried to get rid of Crowley (and everyone else) several times and then led to the death of others and it was all just really messy. But Rowena did manage to give Dean advice on what to do to finally get rid of Amara, so we still have some mixed feelings.

  7. AzazelThe 12 Greatest Supernatural Villain 6

    Azazel, who has been gone since season 2, can truly say he started it all. He was responsible for many important deaths or he got someone else to do it. I mean, he murdered Mary Winchester and then poisoned Sam with his demon blood. And he also keeps coming back — in hallucinations, in plays, in mention. But we’re kinda hoping he doesn’t come back — the yellow eyes were definitely very creepy.

  8. LilithThe 12 Greatest Supernatural Villain 7

    Right, so little girls covered in blood are scary, right? Cool. Now, Lilith managed to be one of the greatest demons this show has every seen — especially thinking about the fact that we pretty much saw her grow up. Now, she sent a hellhound on Dean, killed him,and got him to start opening the seals to free Lucifer. She then opened the rest, got herself killed off by Sam, and ultimately got all of the seals broken, freeing Lucifer just in time. Lilith was a genius and we tip our hats to her.

  9. Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseThe 12 Greatest Supernatural Villain 9

    War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death — what a club. So neutral, so strange. Having no real stance on the Heaven vs. Hell battle, the horsemen managed to present some challenges for everyone. But considering Dean kills Death, we’ll just wait for the rest of the horsemen to get it together.

  10. Dick RomanThe 12 Greatest Supernatural Villain 10

    The butt of many, many jokes, Dick Roman was a real swell guy. Leader of the Leviathans, he wanted to control humanity and then eat them. And let us all remember that he also KILLED BOBBY. HE KILLED BOBBY. He also managed to take Dean and Cas with him to purgatory when he died.

  11. Meg The 12 Greatest Supernatural Villain 11

    Daughter of Azazel, Meg was a real trooper. She tried to seek vengeance for Crowley trapping Lucifer, which didn’t end up going that well for her. Considering she had the hots for Cas, we can’t really blame her when she ends up helping defeat the Leviathans. Killed by Crowley, Meg was a demon/villain who had the potential to get the vengeance she sought.

  12. AmaraThe 12 Greatest Supernatural Villain 2

    Amara, one of the best villains to come out of Supernatural — hands down. Considering she was one of the most powerful things created, Amara managed to also create a lot of different problems for season 11. Unleashed upon the Earth after the destruction of the mark of Cain, Amara consumed human souls and tried to destroy what her brother loved most — humanity. Although she did end up leaving with Chuck, Amara left a mark on both Earth and Dean himself.

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The 12 Greatest Supernatural Villains of All Time 1

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