12 Reasons Why We Love Castiel

Considerably one of the best angels to appear on television — and there are a lot of angels out there — Castiel has managed to become one of the most important characters the show has to offer. And considering how far he’s come, we can’t help but love Castiel for everything he’s done for Sam and Dean, and for what he’s done for humanity.

So here are 12 reasons why Castiel is worth all that loving.

Of course, if you haven’t caught up with the show, note that there are spoilers ahead.

  1. He’s terribly awkward.    12 Reasons For Why We Love Castiel 2 12 Reasons For Why We Love Castiel 3

    So Castiel is actually dangerously awkward. But we can’t really blame him — I mean, the poor guy is an angel. And sometimes, we feel that we can relate to Cas — especially when he does things like this.

  2. He’s trying. 12 Reasons For Why We Love Castiel 4

    Castiel, however, is constantly trying to understand — he wants to relate to humans on a deeper level. From watching porn to binge-watching Netflix, Castiel is constantly trying to find things that’ll tie him to humanity — and then trying to decipher what these things mean.

  3. He wants to do the right thing.

    12 Reasons For Why We Love Castiel 2Fighting angels, demons, and everything in-between, Cas has managed to prove that sometimes the good guys aren’t as obvious as they seem. Cas, Demon!Cas, and Human!Cas have all had to fight off their opposing forces and we commend them for that.

  4. He’s loyal.

     12 Reasons For Why We Love Castiel 5

    No matter what’s going on, the Winchesters know they can always rely on Castiel to give them a hand — unless he’s out doing something else for them. But disregarding that completely — Cas knows that he can confide in the Winchesters to create and fix problems.

  5. He’s willing to sacrifice himself for the Winchesters.

    12 Reasons For Why We Love Castiel 6One of the biggest plotlines of season 11 — Castiel becoming the vessel for Lucifer. Considering Cas only went through this to try to help the Winchesters get rid of Amara, we can certainly understand why he went through this, And, Lucifer!Cas had some really great lines and facial expressions — kudos to Misha.

  6. He cares.

    12 Reasons For Why We Love Castiel 7Castiel knows that he’s made some mistakes, most of them unintentionally. But he knows that doesn’t make up for them — so he’s constantly trying to correct his wrongs. And we love that about him — he wants to put things back together. And seeing him fight some demons along the way sure doesn’t surprise us.

  7. He loves humanity.

    12 Reasons For Why We Love Castiel 3Cas is constantly surprised by humanity and he wants humanity to live peacefully, without too much supernatural intervention (see what we did there?). And being close to some awesome humans doesn’t really hurt either.

  8. He’s stylish.

    12 Reasons For Why We Love Castiel 4The iconic blue sweater — a true hero. But seeing Cas rock the same outfit for 98% of the episodes is a blessing in disguise — our cosplay is easily recognizable. And not many other people can pull off a trenchcoat every single day without having anyone question how much clothes you own.

  9. He’s actually incredibly funny without realizing it.

    12 Reasons For Why We Love Castiel 8Cas is incredibly awkward — but that somehow makes him so funny! Watching Cas say extremely funny things with that gravelly voice somehow makes things even funnier. How could we forget when he got drunk?!

  10. Somehow able to make the funniest remarks while confused.

    12 Reasons For Why We Love Castiel 5Remember when Cas was completely baffled by pornography? Yeah, we do too. Misha must have laughed for every single take — we can’t believe they even got a take that made it onto the episode. Cas is definitely funny without trying.

  11. He’s a complete badass.

    12 Reasons For Why We Love Castiel 10Castiel has managed to fight all kinds of species and has managed to make lots of people regret messing with the Winchesters. And although he’s usually cool and calm on the outside, we know he’s got a lot of pent of rage, anger, and angst. And, in some cases, that’s not a bad thing.

  12. His all-around perfection.

    12 Reasons For Why We Love Castiel 9From the beginning, Castiel has managed to become one of the fan-favorites on the show. And his status has only grown amongst SPN fans — that’s what drove him to become a recurring character on the show! His loyalty to the Winchesters, and his hope for humanity will continue to lead him to do the right thing.

We love Castiel and we’re pretty sure you do too — what’s your favorite reason for loving Castiel? Let us know @CelebMix.

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