12 Reasons Why Little Mix Should Be Appreciated

Everyone has heard the name ‘Little Mix’ by now, whether you love them or hate them. With 3 #1 singles, they’re impossible not to fall in love with. And yet, they’re still one of the most under-appreciated artists in the industry. Why is that? Don’t ask me, but here are some reasons why they should be highlighted:

1. They were the first group ever to win the X Factor.

Obviously, they must have extreme talent to be able to accomplish that.

12 Reasons Why Little Mix Should Be Appreciated 1

2. They don’t need no man!

While Jesy and Leigh certainly appreciate their men, they don’t depend on them for everything. They are able to leave them for months at a time to build their strong career whilst maintaining a healthy relationship. Perrie and Jade are prime examples of how girls can still have fun without a man on their arm. Some haters argue that the girls’ career was built solely on Perrie and Zayn Malik’s relationship, which is a complete load of bulls**t. Sure, Z always supported them, but their handwork and sheer talent is what got them to where they are today.

3. Between the four of them, they literally own a zoo.

Lizards and cats and dogs, oh my! It’s no secret that Perrie Edwards is absolutely in love with animals. The other girls contribute a few pets here and there, but Perrie alone could start a pet kennel with her variety of cute companions.

4. Have you seen their BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge cover of Jason Derulo?

Just watch it.

12 Reasons Why Little Mix Should Be Appreciated 2

5. They wrote over 300 (!) songs for their upcoming album, ‘Get Weird’.

Perfectionists? You could say that. They didn’t stop writing until they were 100% happy with every song on the album. And yes, they do write all of their own songs, which isn’t something that all artists can say.

6. They do more than harmonize…

A cappella to most people just means that everyone sings in different keys to feature their voices separately and as a whole, but Little Mix takes it to the next level. With beatboxing, bass definition, and whistle tone highlight, the girls bring a Pentatonix vibe to every a cappella performance.

7. The group is racially diverse.

What’s better than an all-girl band? A mixed girl band! Sure, Perrie is a pale princess (nothing wrong with that!) with her pure English/Scottish background, but the other girls bring many other cultures together along with their English roots. Leigh-Anne’s Barbadian/Jamaican ancestry and Jade’s Egyptian/Yemeni origin bring a pop of melanin and Jesy’s rumored Aglo Indian descent ties in the Asian culture.

8. They can perform elaborate and energizing dance routines without missing a note.

Unlike other artists who simply stand and sing, Little Mix bring stage presence. Their moves entice the viewer, leaving them wanting more. They never have a boring show. And those vocals we spoke about earlier? Yeah, they can perfect those while on the move.

12 Reasons Why Little Mix Should Be Appreciated 1

9. Their work ethic is incredible.

Working 24/7, the girls are rarely seen without a song writing notebook in hand or nearby. From the studio to the gym, these fabulous ladies make sure they are able to accomplish all of their goals all the while making time for a few parties here and there. They are queens of juggling fun and work, creating a healthy and happy work space wherever they go. And if they haven’t done something up to their standards, they will scratch it and start over completely to make sure they can be proud of their work (see #5).

10. They speak out against bullying.

Victims of bullying themselves, the girls take full advantage of their position of fame to sound off against the haters.

“We’re going through the same things as our fans, and music can really help you when you’re struggling,” Leigh speaks in a Hunger TV interview in early June of this year. She continues, “We’re used to it now, but at the same time I think we’re more self conscious which I wish I wasn’t. Sometimes I feel like I’m too critical of myself. Social media has made everyone has an obsession with looking perfect.”

Perrie agrees. “Embrace your individuality! Everyone now is imitating everyone else before they’ve even figured themselves out.”

In another interview with Hollister, Jesy, who by far receives the most body shame, talks about how girls should look:

jesy body

11. The girls are genuine best friends.

Sleepover every other weekend? Check. Froyo dates? Check. Constant hugging, touching, joking, kissing, and groping? Mega check.

12. They truly love their fans.

Whether it’s with twitter questions or meeting them in person, the girls treat their mixers like old friends. Their fans mean everything to them. The numerous signings and meet and greets they’ve held worldwide are more than enough proof. There’s never a moment that passes by without the girls thanking their supporters. They know that they would be nowhere without their loyal fanbase, and they aren’t shy to acknowledge the fact.

12 Reasons Why Little Mix Should Be Appreciated 3

Convinced that you love them now? Needing more? Don’t worry! There’s plenty more to Little Mix than just these 12 facts. And if it’s new material you’re looking for, their new album ‘Get Weird’ is out for preorder in the UK right now! And if you’re still not sure whether you should look into them or not, be sure not to miss their live performance on the Teen Choice Awards on August 16 to get a taste of what they’re all about.

All in all, the beautiful, talented ladies of Little Mix have had their time of waiting. Their time is now, and they’re ready to conquer the world.

Written by CelebMix