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18 Movies That Are Turning Ten In 2018

At the end of every year we look back and say, “that was a really great year,” but at the end of 2008, we really meant it. It really was a great year full to the brim with amazing, surprising, and simply legendary events which we can now reflect back on and feel honoured that we got to experience.

In case you need a reminder of just how eventful 2008 was, it was the year of Miley Cyrus’ infamous photoshoot with Vanity Fair, the first, “Sex and the City,” movie, the big fifty for Madonna, and who could forget when YouTube rick-rolled its viewers by redirecting every featured video to the original music video for, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” by Rick Astley?

Now as we step into 2018 with anticipation for what lies ahead, we’re feeling pretty nostalgic. And old… We’re feeling very old! So why don’t you join us by reflecting on some of the best movies that were released back in 2008? These movies will all be turning a huge ten years old this year and quite frankly, we’re not ready for it at all.

#1: 27 Dresses

When was it released? 18th January 2008

What is it about? 27 Dresses,” tells the story of Jane who has been a bridesmaid an exhausting twenty-seven times. You know the saying, “always the bridesmaid never the bride.” Well needless to say Jane soon gets pretty tired of being everyone else’s dress holder and dreams of having someone actually hold her dress for once and since this movie is a stereotypical romantic comedy, we’re sure you can guess how it ends.

#2: Cloverfield

When was it released? 18th January 2008

What is it about? Cloverfield,” is a home-recorded horror movie following a group of New York City residents who find themselves fleeing from a gigantic monster and various other smaller but equally as scary creatures who are trying to attack the city.

Well that seems legit enough, right?

#3: Minutemen

When was it released? 25th January 2008

What is it about? Minutemen,” is a Disney Channel original movie about three high school students who run into some complications when they use a time machine to try and change the past. Typical!

#4: Step Up 2: The Streets

When was it released? 14th February 2008

What is it about? This follow up to 2006’s, “Step Up,” revolves around a rebellious street dancer who after securing herself a place at a prestigious performing arts school, joins forces with another dancer to create a group of classroom outcasts who then go on to compete in a cool underground dance battle.

#5: Horton Hears A Who 

When was it released? 14th March 2008

What is it about? The utterly adorable, “Horton Hears A Who,” is about an elephant who is forced to protect a tiny speck of dust, which is home to a microscopic town full of people, when a kangaroo and an evil vulture set out to destroy it.

Now while this all sounds quite bizzare, trust us when we tell you that it is actually a really great movie which will never fail to put a smile on your face.

Notable mentions: For an animated movie, the cast list is amazing!

#6: What Happens In Vegas

When was it released? 9th May 2008

What is it about? What Happens In Vegas,” is a laugh-a-minute movie which tells the story of two perfect strangers who get drunk in Las Vegas, get married while still under the influence, and then are forced to live with their impromptu marriage and attempt to make it work.

Ten years may have passed since this movie was first released but we still love it!

#7: Kung Fu Panda

When was it released? 6th June 2008

What is it about? Lovable panda Po works in his family’s noodle shop but he has a lifelong dream of becoming a kung-fu master. His dream finally becomes a reality when he finds out that he must fulfill an ancient prophecy and study kung-fu with his idols, the Furious Five. Po gains a whole new skill set but then realises that he needs so much more than just those. He needs wisdom, strength, courage, and the ability to protect his people from an evil snow leopard.

Talk about throwing him in at the deep end!

#8: The Incredible Hulk

When was it released? 13th June 2008

What is it about? The Incredible Hulk,” is based on the Marvel Comics character of the Hulk. In the superhero movie, scientist Bruce Banner unwittingly becomes the green giant as part of a scheme to reinvigorate a super-soldier program. Unhappy with his transformation, Bruce then goes on the run whilst trying to cure himself of his new form before he is captured by his nemesis General Thunderbolt Ross.

#9: Camp Rock 

When was it released? 20th June 2008

What is it about? Disney Channel original, “Camp Rock,” tells the story of a shy girl named Mitchie Torres who has always dreamed of going to a music camp. When her mother makes a deal with the owner of the camp, she gets the chance to go to Camp Rock free of charge… If she helps out in the kitchen in between activities.

At the camp, Mitchie meets egotistical popstar Shane Gray who has been forced to attend in an attempt to get back to his more humble roots. The pair instantly form a bond when Shane starts to show his real self, but then he discovers that Mitchie has been lying to him about who she is and how she was able to afford the camp’s expensive fees.

In a turning of the tables, Mitchie then has to find a way to show everyone who she really is and she only has until the end of Final Jam to do it.

Notable mentions: We’re sure everyone is familiar with Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers now, but you really should check them (and their insane amounts of hair!) out in this movie if you haven’t done so already.

#10: Mamma Mia!

When was it released? 18th July 2008

What is it about? Set to the most-loved songs of ABBA, “Mamma Mia!” is a musical about a woman named Donna who is in the midst of preparing for her daughter’s forthcoming wedding when she bumps into three of her ex-partners. But what she doesn’t realise, is that her daughter was the one who invited them all in a bid to find out which of the men is her real father.

Notable mentions: If you love this film as much as we do then make sure to check out the upcoming sequel, “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” when it gets released almost ten years later on 20th July 2018!

#11: Step Brothers

When was it released? 25th July 2008

What is it about? Step Brothers,” is a feelgood comedy about two fully grown men who both have one thing in common. They are lazy, unemployed fourty-somethings who still live at home with their parents! But that all changes when their parents get married meaning that the overgrown boys have to learn to get along.

At first they aren’t keen on the set-up and constantly butt heads in what becomes a war to see who is the best son but when their fighting rips their parents apart, they realise that they must find a way to work together and reunite the family.

#12: Wild Child 

When was it released? 15th August 2008

What is it about? Wild Child,” is a teen comedy about a pampered sixteen-year-old who gets everything she wants with a snap of her fingers… That is, until her father sends her off to a strict boarding school with hilarious consequences.

Notable mentions: “What is this place, Hogwarts?”

#13: High School Musical 3: Senior Year

When was it released? 24th October 2008

What is it about? High School Musical 3: Senior Year,” is the third and final movie in the Disney Channel franchise as we know it. It follows everyone’s favourite six Wildcats as they enter their final year at East High and prepare to go their separate ways after graduation. It’s such a beautiful yet heart-wrenching movie that makes you feel every emotion possible.

Our only criticism of this movie is that we can’t sing and dance to the final musical number, “High School Musical,” at the same time as crying and wiping our noses.

#14: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 

When was it released? 7th November 2008

What is it about? As the sequel to, “Madagascar,” which was released three years earlier, “Escape 2 Africa,” continues the adventures of Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippopotamus. In the movie, the animals want to return to New York City so they board a plane in Madagascar. But when it makes a crash landing in Africa and the group all meet other animals of the same species, chaos ensues and a series of hilarious events then unfold.

#15: Role Models

When was it released? 7th November 2008

What is it about? Role Models,” is a comedy about two salesmen who are ordered to perform community service as punishment for various offences. As part of their service, they take part in a mentoring scheme designed to pair troubled kids with adult role models.

After agreeing to take part in the scheme the pair think they have struck gold, but they soon realise that they are in way over their heads when they are paired with a teenager who is experiencing his first love and a foul-mouthed fifth-grader who is in desperate need of an attitude adjustment.

#16: Bolt

When was it released? 21st November 2008

What is it about? Bolt,” is an animated movie about a dog who, after spending his life on the set of a famous television series, is convinced that he has super powers. When he thinks his owner Penny has been kidnapped, he sets out on a crazy cross-country journey to rescue her.

#17: Twilight

When was it released? 21st November 2008

What is it about? If you haven’t heard of, “Twilight,” then you must have been living under a rock for the last ten years, but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!

This first movie in the famous trilogy based off of Stephanie Meyer’s novel of the same title follows awkward seventeen-year-old Bella Swan as she moves to a new school and meets the love of her life. Obviously, Bella falls head over heels in love with him and this movie then chronicles their blossoming romance.

Oh, did we mention that the love of her life is a vampire? Yeah that might change things up a bit.

#18: Marley & Me

When was it released? 25th December 2008

What is it about? Marley & Me,” tells the story of couple John and Jenny Grogan who adopt a lovable puppy named Marley. The film then follows them through the years as they struggle to tame the excitable puppy who destroys everything in his path while dealing with the ups and downs of their growing family.

Notable mentions: It is going to take a long time for you to get over the ending of this movie. We’re not going to give anything away to those who haven’t seen it, but let’s just say that almost ten years have passed since it was first released and we still haven’t come to terms with it.

Does our list of the movies turning ten this year have you feeling nostalgic? Which of the movies listed is your favourite? Let us know on Twitter at, @CelebMix!

Written by Zoe Adams

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