20 Must-Watch TV Shows/ Movies on Netflix

I know how annoying it can get to be scrolling for hours trying to find the perfect TV show or movie to watch on Netflix, so I have made it easier for you. I narrowed down a few of my favorite movies/ TV shows on Netflix, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

So let’s begin with TV shows:

The Office (U.S)- 9 Seasons, completed

A documentary style show, one of my all time favorite shows starring Steve Carell. Feeling down? This show will bring you back up on your feet with its witty humor.


Grey’s Anatomy- 12 Seasons, on-air

A medical drama focusing on the life of Meredith Grey. This one’s a tear jerker, so get your tissues out and get ready for some real tears.


Lost- 6 Seasons, completed 

Survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 struggle to live on a deserted island where they face problems and find out they are not alone. In the end, the characters have all met or been in a situation before once in their life so it was only fate that brought them all together. The show ends in a confusingly, yet amazing plot twist; but I won’t ruin it for you.


Heroes- 4 Seasons, completed  

A show where regular people (or they thought) come together to save New York from danger. The show continues to follow up with their lives. If you’re a plot-twist lover, I can assure you, there are plot-twists in almost every episode. Heroes ended over five years ago but is now back on T.V with a new cast as Heroes Reborn, but in my opinion, the original show is much better.


Breaking Bad- 5 Seasons, completed

Walter White, a chemistry teacher who was recently diagnosed with cancer gets together with a former student to cook up some drugs. The show continues with their ongoing challenges.


Bates Motel- 3 Seasons, on-going 

After Norma Bates’ husband dies, the family moves to a new city and open up a motel. The show was inspired by 1960’s horror film “Psycho,” and what happened before that.


Parks and Recreation- 7 seasons, completed

Leslie Knope dreamed of becoming a mayor but her position was in the Recreation Department, and she loved it. The comedic show follows Leslie and her co-workers life and it is truly an addicting show.


Dexter- 8 Seasons, completed

The show follows the life of a blood spatter analysts from Miami who turns out to be a serial killer. Dexter Morgan lives by his fathers rules, and since he is high up in the department, he has access to criminal’s files making it easier for him to kill the bad people.


Once Upon a Time- 5 Seasons, on-going

Emma Swan, who is brought to Storybrooke by her son, Henry must face the challenges of being “the savior”. Emma must overcome these challenges by believing in magic, but that’s hard to do when no one in the town knows who they are because they have all been cursed by the evil queen.


How to Get Away with Murder- 2 Seasons, on-going

Annalise Keating teaches a class called, How to get away with murder, and is also a criminal attorney. Keating selects a group of students to assist her and well, it all goes downhill from there!


And now on to the movies:


Forrest Gump- 1994

The movie follows on Forrest Gump’s, (Tom Hanks) life. Forrest who is in love with his childhood best friend, Jenny, has to face the challenges of his life and hers. It’s a sweet movie that will leave you with a few too many tears, but totally worth the watch.


Bruce Almighty- 2003

Now as for this classic comedy starring Jim Carrey, Bruce is always complaining about his life to God until he finally meets him and gets the chance to change it. He selfishly uses the powers for himself until he realizes that he hasn’t answered any prayers while on God’s duty, and the rest you have to find out on yourself!


The Sixth Sense- 1999

Cole Sear has been haunted with the ability to see dead people. Child psychologist Dr. Malcolm, helps him overcome his fear. The end of the movie is one big plot-twist, the biggest one I’ve ever seen if you ask me. It’s one you will not notice throughout the movie and will blow your mind in the last two minutes of the movie.


One Day- 2011

A movie starring Anne Hathaway where two best friends reunite on the 15th of every July, but it takes them a while to finally figure out that they are in love and they’re all they’ve needed in their life. The movie ends with one of the beginning scenes and it is yet another unexpected ending.


50 First Dates- 2004

Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) meets a lovely girl, Lucy at a dinner. Lucy is then in an accident and has been diagnosed with short-term memory loss. Henry tries his best to cast a new impression on her and they go on fifty first dates which seem like fifty to him, but one to her.


Django Unchained- 2012

For action/drama lovers, this ones for you. The movie is set two years before the Civil War on a mission to capture the vicious Brittle brothers. When their mission is successful, they become the South’s most-wanted criminals and travel to Calvin Candie’s house (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) to find Django’s wife.


Clueless- 1995

Cher Horowitz, the most popular girl at school sees herself as the top matchmaker. Cher realizes that along her ex-stepbrother was right and she falls completely head over heals for him.


The Switch- 2010

Kassie Larson who dreams of being a mother needs a sperm donor. Her best friend thought he would get to be the donor but was proven wrong. Kassie and Wally were at a party and he decides to switch the samples. When the child is born, Kassie moves to provide a better life for her son and never finds out that Wally is the father until after.


Can’t Buy Me Love- 1987

Starring Patrick Dempsey, Ronald Miller only dreams of being “cool” and having the chance to date Cindy Mancini. When he pays to fix for her mom’s stained dress, he tells her that in return they must act as a couple for an entire month. The two fall in love but their secret is out and ruins their loving relationship.


The Others- 2011

While Grace Stewart is waiting for her husband to return from war, she soon finds out that her house is indeed haunted. Seems like all these movies have plot-twist endings but this one will leave you wondering for days!


If you watch any of these, let us know which one is your favorite!

Written by CelebMix