5 of our favourite Anne-Marie music videos

As part of CelebMix’s fifth birthday, we’re running you through five of our favourites from some of our favourite celebrities and in this edition we’re looking at five of our favourite Anne-Marie music videos. The Birthday singer has had a number of eye-catching videos which have caught the attention of many, from Birthday’s pink fairytale theme to Ciao Adios showing off Anne-Marie’s girl gang, we had plenty to choose from. It wasn’t an easy decision but we’ve managed to narrow it down to just five, read on to find out which made the cut and why we love them so much!


Directed by Malia James this is a storytelling video based loosely around Romeo and Juliet by Baz Luhrmann and written following a real-life scenario. Seeing a relationship fall apart before her eyes as that person she believed she could trust turns out to set off all the alarm bells within her head she wastes no time in showing ‘Romeo’ why he shouldn’t have messed with her. It’s Anne-Marie showing off her feistiness, strength and sees her coming out on top at the end of it all. This for many was also the first real introduction to the singer back in 2016 and remains one of our favourite videos.


There’s something incredibly special about this track which sings of the breaking down of a relationship.  It can be about a breakdown with your partner but it can also be when the relationship with yourself begins to breakdown and self-doubt begins to show. The video for the track has two different dynamics the one in which Anne-Marie is reaching out to herself and the one where she’s reaching to her partner. We absolutely love this take on it as we see her giving herself pep talk and pleading with herself ‘Thought that we had a made a promise, that we would never get this way’. These are also some of our all-time favourite Anne-Marie vocals from Speak Your Mind, so we’d highly recommend you check out the video and the track.


We really are taken back to 2002 with this throwback music video. From Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time to Jay-Z’s 99 Problems and NSYNC Bye, Bye, Bye the video is in keeping with the theme of the songs lyrics. There’s a chance to reminisce on days gone by as we see a younger Anne-Marie falling in love and navigating through the choreography of a number of old school hits. Whenever we hear this track we’re taken back to 2018 and having a truly great time, singing along at the top of our lungs with a huge smile on our face and the video just makes this even easier to do! Fun fact: 2002 was also the year Anne-Marie won double gold in her first karate world championships!

Perfect to Me

What is ‘perfect’ to you? That’s exactly what the video for the track asks. Anne-Marie reveals that her definition of it; like many others has changed over times from winning a sport to now being different to everyone else in the whole world. It’s stripped back, honest and we see Anne-Marie and everyone else shown in the video for what they are; natural, normal people showing their real beauty. The self-love filled track embraces the flaws and imperfections which we all have but which are the ones which make us incredibly special ‘I’m okay with not being perfect, ‘cause that’s perfect to me’. Everything about this video is heartwarming and thought-provoking as we see the cowgirl Anne-Marie disappear and the fun, carefree Anne-Marie come back to shine. Throughout the video we see people struggling to define what perfect actually is and it gets us thinking maybe there isn’t an actual answer to that question. If you need a pick me up, head here.


The singer-songwriter’s latest single is written to honour her mother, thanking her for all incredible things she’s done for her over the years and what she wants to say to her. Written and released as a surprise Mother’s Day present, Anne-Marie reached out to fans to create a video full of photos of them with their own mums. It’s such a lovely video and shows once again the effort the songstress takes to We absolutely love that this track can be about any female figure within your life whether friend or family and is perfect to show just how much you value them.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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