5 of our favourite celebrities who advocate CBD

Whether you like to admit it or not, most of us care a lot about what our favourite celebrities and influencers are getting up to in their spare time.

And whilst we might think that they’re in a mall spending millions of dollars on new clothes, or jetting off on an island far, far, away, the truth is that you’re more likely to find them in a CBD shop, or treating themselves via a CBD online shop to stock up on the latest cannabidiol products.

Indeed, celebrities are obsessed with CBD, launching their own brands and advocating for the decriminalisation of cannabis and its byproducts, meaning the stigma around CBD is changing and people are taking it seriously.

Whether these celebs spend their time in a CBD shop for anxiety relief, to combat stress, or to cope with their chronic pain, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s a great product… 

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg joined forces with Maya Elizabeth back in 2016, launching the Whoopi & Maya company that specialises in medical cannabis.

Although the company has since gone into administration, you can still shop for your health at the CBD shop online for all of your health products.

Choosing quality, natural products will help you enjoy the maximum benefit.


Take Care hitmaker Drake is not a stranger to the odd CBD online shop, either; he launched the More Life Growth Company, which was designed to focus on the supply of “cannabis and herbal products, herbal extracts, herbal teas, dried plants, rolling papers, and other products and clothing.”

We love seeing celebrities with the power and influencer of Drake advocate for the wider use of cannabidiol products; it lowers the barriers and helps us realise the benefits. 

Kim Kardashian

Everyone’s favourite reality star is another celebrity who praises CBD. Speaking in an interview, she said: “I’ve been a huge fan of CBD ever since I started feeling overwhelmed, which came with starting law school and having a fourth baby.” The star, who is currently going through a stressful divorce with musician Kanye West, even hosted a baby shower that was themed around cannabidiol and said she depends on CBD gummies to sleep well.

Kristen Bell

Star of Good Place Kristen Bell said she’s struggled with her anxiety and depression since being a teenager, and revealed to a glossy magazine that one of the ways she can manage her serotonin imbalance is by taking CBD oil, which she drops on her tongue. She also says that she’s realised the benefits of CBD oil when working out; we’ll have to give that one a go!

Dakota Johnson

We might know her best for her role in Fifty Shades, but when she’s not bound by chains, Dakota says she uses CBD to help her rest when travelling. When you visit a CBD shop online, you’ll find products that can reduce anxiety and make it easier to sleep when you are disrupted, whether because you’re travelling or through other factors such as stress.

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Written by Monella