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5 Online Resources Every Art Student Should Know

5 Online Resources Every Art Student Should Know

Living in the 21st century has at least one undeniable advantage. All the information you need is at your fingertips. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn about something new or find a meme to make your friend crack up. Luckily for all students, they can always find what they’re looking for on the internet.

If you’re an art student, you might be consumed with creating something that could bring aesthetic pleasure to people. To achieve this goal, three things are important. First, you need to keep mastering your talent. Second, you should know where to look for inspiration. Third, you have to search for information to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the art world.

In this article, you’ll read about five online resources that can help you grow as an individual and as an artist. Also, your academic performance might improve significantly. Especially, if you do spend some time checking the following online resources.

Modern Art & Ideas

Modern Art & Ideas is an online course that is provided by the online learning platform Coursera. This is one of the most popular and highly rated courses within the Music and Arts section of the platform. It is created for everyone who wants to understand modern art better, including first-year art students.

The Modern Art & Ideas course is offered by the Museum of Modern Art, which is a world-renowned art lovers’ mecca. In this course, you’ll discover how artists get inspiration from their surroundings. Also, how they explore and express themselves with the help of their art and how they interact with society through their works of art. 

Also, if you take it, you won’t get overwhelmed in case you need to write an essay on contemporary art. As you’ll be able to rely both on a professional essay writer and the knowledge you gained during the course. Enrolling in the Modern Art & Ideas course is a great opportunity for every art student to broaden their horizons.

Artsy positions itself as the whole art world that is accessible online. This website features some of the best-known galleries and museum collections. There’s a database that includes more than one million works of art covering different time periods. Impressive, right?

As an art student, you should visit this resource as often as possible. Which, to be honest, isn’t difficult at all if you’re an art lover. At Artsy, you can find information on recent developments in the art world. You can also read about different cultural events such as museum exhibitions, art fairs and others.

If you want to start an online collection of your personal favorite works of art, Artsy is the right place for it. It allows you to mark the work you love as favorite and so, save it to your personal collection. This collection could be a wonderful source of inspiration, which you could return whenever you want.

AIGA Eye on Design

This online resource might be interesting not only for those students who specialize in design, but also for all those of you who love the field in general. AIGA Eye on Design is published by the AIGA, the professional association for design and one of the most famous design organizations in the US.

AIGA Eye on Design features the works of the most trendy designers. The media covers the topics such as graphic design, branding, illustration and many others. There’s also a Design+ section that includes the themes that intersect with the sphere of design. For example, Design + Art and Design + Education.

Reading this online resource will help you as a student learn how to craft a great portfolio, find an internship and even a dream job. Seems like the distant future? Then visit this website to learn about the design gurus and how they have reached their level of mastery.


Colossal is an international platform for contemporary art. It’s on a mission to make art accessible to everyone. For this, seven regular contributors write articles about both established and rising artists. Currently, the Colossal’s archive comprises more than 6500 articles.

The difference of this online resource lies in its approach to storytelling. The writers focus on the optimistic stories that shed light on the issues of the modern art world. In this way, they protect their readers from the overload of negative information and extensive criticism. 

On this platform, you can find everything one should know about visual culture. If you follow Colossal closely, you’ll get the chance to educate yourself in visual artwork. Besides, the Interviews section is always worth reading. As getting to know someone else’s experience might help you find your own niche in the industry.

Artwork Archive

Artwork Archive is a tool that helps artists manage their collections. It’s one of the first art inventory systems that was developed with the help of cloud technologies in 2010. The system is accessible not only for renowned artists who have big collections, but also for entry-level creators.

As a student, you might not have a collection of your artwork yet. Still, you could enjoy this online resource, as there’s a blog that might be rather useful. You can filter all the articles by categories such as Art Marketing, Life Balance, Exhibiting Art and others.

The mission of the team behind the Artwork Archive is to help every artist to manage, grow and profit from their work of love. Thus, on this website you can find guides for artists that are designed to help them achieve success. For example, you can learn how to catalog and price your artwork to build a great art career.

Wrapping Up

Start using online art resources as soon as possible. It’s one of the most useful habits that you might develop while studying at an art college. Whether you’ll do it to draw inspiration, entertain or educate yourself, it’s a great opportunity to learn something new and cool about the world of art. And thus, to keep your own artwork relevant.

You can feel that what you’re learning now at your college or seeing at nearby museums isn’t enough. In this case, enrolling in an online course might be a good idea. Besides, you can always follow the mentioned online resources on social media. If you fill your feed with some extraordinary works of art, you’ll be inspired to learn and create more.

Written by Monella