5 Seconds Of Summer: SLFL Dublin Concert Review

5 Seconds Of Summer brought their Sounds Live Feels Live Tour to an audience of excited Irish fans in Dublin last night, 26th April. Last night’s show was the second last concert of the U.K. and Ireland leg of their current World Tour; the band play Dublin for a second time tonight.

This was the second time 5SOS that came to Ireland for headline shows, and fans of the band came out in the thousands to show their support.

Their opening acts were Jessarae and Don Broco and they were able to get the crowd hyped and ready for the headlining act!

Michael and Ashton were the first to grace the stage. They opened their performance with ‘Carry On’ and Luke and Calum followed closely behind. The crowd was hyped, cheers echoing around the arena and the ground shaking with fans excitedly banging their feet on the floor.

The band quickly moved on to ‘Hey Everybody’ followed by ‘Money’, making full use of the stage. As they moved around, all four boys were very interactive with both the fans and each other.

The first throwback of the night was ‘Don’t Stop’, the band’s second single and a song loved by their fans. Ashton stood out in this song, his drumming abilities never failing to shock us as he soaked up every bit of the crowd’s excitement; never once faltering in his performance.

Luke then introduced an impromptu performance of ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ by The Script. This got the crowd even more excited as they sang a song from a band close to home for most of the audience.

Another performance that stood out was Michael in ‘Jet Black Heart’ where he showed off both his skills on the piano and his vocal abilities while performing alone on stage for a minute.

The lads then slowed it down with performances of ‘Amnesia’, ‘Beside You’ and ‘Vapor’. The crowd didn’t seem to mind though, as they shone their lights and waved their arms in a sight that was simply breathtaking. The band made sure the fans were involved in their performance of ‘Amnesia’, holding their microphones out so that we could sing along and feel just as apart of the show as they were.

They again took it back to their first album 5 Seconds Of Summer with ‘Voodoo Doll’, ‘End Up Here’ and ‘Good Girls’. They continued to show that they’re not only a band who can sing, but a band who can truly put on a performance and fill every moment with excitement.

After their infamous performance of ‘What I Like About You’, 5SOS went offstage to get ready for their last two songs of the night. The crowd never lost their energy, starting a chant of “Olay” and a rhythm of claps as they waited. Ashton was the first to come on, silencing the crowd and then beginning another perfectly timed chorus of cheers.

Perhaps being two of the band’s most popular songs, ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ and ‘She Looks So Perfect’ were the best way they could have ended the show. The fans weren’t disappointed for a second, truly proving 5 Seconds Of Summer’s musical abilities.

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Written by CelebMix