5SOS Deserve More Recognition

5 Seconds Of Summer as a whole are actually well spoken and smart. They write songs about real problems and issues for real people, and they’re only 20. They don’t give a damn about what people thinks of their music or if their songs are worldwide hits as long as it means something for their fans and help them get through. 5sos want to mean something.

They literally feel the music and the lyrics. They’re doing their best to keep the fam up even when they’re not feeling it. Just because they care about their dedicate fans. They’ve travelled the world and it’s important for them to be more than just a band. They want to be a positive influence on people’s lives.

If you listen closely to each lyrics of 5sos new album Sounds Good, Feels Good, you’ll notice that they’re all pure gold. They created the New Broken Scene and with that character who explain the meaning of every songs. Theories are going on about Invisible and the story behind this song. Can it be a suicide letter with the typing noise at the beginning ? On the same note, Carry On is an anthem. Things are going to be ok, promise. So short and yet it has so much meaning for people.

The next thing is, I’m SO glad the australian band is finally gonna start getting the recognition they deserve. It’s one thing to be admired by fans for their abilities, but getting complimented by their peers is a whole other level of amazing. They all deserve to be recognized for their talent and passion for music.

On a side-note, do you realize that Ashton is the backbone of the band ? He keeps the time and the beat going. He literally feels the music. Drummers are as important as bass player, guitarist or lead singer. Plus he’s hilarious and always cheer up the other boys. He’s full of hope and positivity, such an inspiration.

AND important thing : I understand everyone’s got their opinion on 5sos, but as soon as you bring their personal issues and past, you’ve gone way too far. That’s not something that is funny and not something you should joke about. “Think before you speak; think twice before you speak; carve every word before you let it fall”, something that some fans should meditate this before tweeting. Saying things like “Ashton has more cuts than 5sos has votes” is totally WRONG.

Written by CelebMix