6 ways celebrities fill their time when they’re off work

Though some of our favourite musicians, dancers, YouTubers, and actors have gruelling schedules and spend many months away from their loved ones, they’re also lucky enough to enjoy downtime when they’re not on set or needed out on tour.

With so much money in the bank and a luxury mansion to keep them warm and toasty, what do they get up to in their spare time? Below, we’ve rounded up the most common pastimes enjoyed by the stars…. 

Hang out with their friends

Celebrities love spending time with their friends and family, just like the rest of us, and can be found regularly inviting over their fellow A-listers for fancy dinners and get-togethers. And you might just be surprised at some of the pairings. Martha Stewart and Brendan Fraser are great friends and spend time together horseback riding, whilst Katy Perry and Allison Williams are often found hanging out and having fun. Other perhaps unlikely celebrity friendship pairings include Kelly Osbourne and Mandy Moore, Pitbull and John Travolta, and Meryl Streep and 50 Cent. We’d love to be a fly on the wall at one of those dinner parties!

Go travelling

With a seemingly unlimited budget, our favourite stars can travel the world without having to worry about finances. When they’re able to do so, celebrities love jetting off to faraway lands and sharing their beautiful sunset views with us common folk on Instagram. Rihanna loves to return to her native country Barbados, whilst stars such as Katy Perry and Michelle Visage are London fans, setting up second homes in the city so they can stay for extended periods.

Place their bets

It’s common to bump into a celebrity or two when you’re roaming the streets of Vegas, but with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing apace, many have taken to playing online to get their usual fix. Brad Pitt, Jennifer Tilly, Tobey Maguire, and Ben Affleck are some of the names who love games like Texas Hold’em, which can be played on Casino websites.

Try out new hobbies

Celebs are just like you and I and have a whole manner of weird and wonderful hobbies that keep them occupied when they’re not working. Brad Pitt, for example, loves to make pottery in his home studio, whilst Taylor Swift makes snowglobes. Quentin Tarantino is reportedly a huge board game fan, and Will Smith loves fencing. Liam Neeson fly fishes, and Katy Perry collects celebrity hair. No, really. It’s a thing. The Cut has a report if you don’t believe us!

Spend their money

Okay, now for the fun one. Celebrities love to splash the cash and spend their free time in shopping malls with personal shoppers, car garages looking for a new motor, and investing in real estate so they can grow their portfolio and protect their future. According to one report, Britney Spears spends around $150,000 per month on clothes, food, utility bills, and transport, whilst Johnny Depp reportedly spent around $2 million per month during a divorce.

Prepare for their next project

Finally, celebrities spend their time preparing for their next project. Dancers and musicians will be rehearsing for music videos and performances, actors learning their lines for a new Blockbuster, and athletes training their bodies and eating the right foods. The life of a celeb is perhaps not as glamorous or as carefree as you might think – a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes to create the glamorous, luxurious personas we all know and love. 

Which of these pastimes would you be most interested in? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix and come back soon for more interesting celebrity tidbits like these.

Written by Monella