A complete guide to building your music career independently

Building a career is not a piece of cake, especially in the music industry. You can build a successful music career only if you have a passion for music and the dedication to stick to it. If music is your hobby, but you believe you have the passion and dedication for music, you can surely turn your passion into your profession. 

Thanks to the internet, building a career in the music industry is not as hard as it used to be a few years ago. If you think the only way to build your career is by singing with a big label, then you need to reconsider. In this era of the internet, you need no labels to build a career. You have the freedom to build your career totally on your own. 

Keep on reading to know how you can build your career in the music industry as an independent singer. 

Get a Way To Earn Your Living 

If you think you can leave everything behind and just start your music career right away, you might be wrong. You can’t build a career in a day. You’ll need time to establish yourself. So don’t expect to earn from your music as soon as you start, but we all have bills to pay. 

The best thing to do is to find a part-time job. This way you can work and earn a living and practice your music at the same time. Quitting everything, moving to a big city, and finding work immediately work only in the movies. You must work hard to achieve something. 

Unless you are financially stable, you’ll need to balance between a part-time job and music to support your journey, at least until your music doesn’t bring you any money.

Sell Your Music 

When you start out, you can’t expect to be noticed by labels right away. You may need some time to get contracts or work. That doesn’t mean you have to wait until you get these big projects. As you practice and try to make yourself better at it, you would probably create a lot of music, music videos, or tunes. You can use them to earn some coins and gain popularity.

When you think of selling your music, the thing that comes into your mind first is, you might need to go door to door of music labels to be able to sell it. But that’s not the case anymore. Many websites help you sell your music. They advertise your music for you, and various digital outlets buy these if they like it.

You can find many music distribution companies if you search online. The best thing about these companies is that you don’t need to sit and sell them. The companies will sell them for you, and you can keep yourself busy with new projects. If one of your pieces gets sold, you get the sales revenue.  

Set Goals

This might sound very obvious, but it is imperative to know what you want to do exactly and have your goals and aims fixed. If not, you might be wasting time, or you might be choosing the wrong path. A music career can mean a lot of things. It could mean having your own brand, producing music for other artists, doing tours, and a lot more. You need to fix what you are aiming for. 

After you choose what you are aiming for, it will be easier for you to determine what you need to do next. Another important reason you need to set both long-term and short-term goals is to make sure you stick to them.

A lot of times, artists fail to stick to it because it takes time, and if you don’t have any short-term goals, you may get over it easily because it might seem boring or monotonous after some time. 

Keep Improving your Craft 

It is vital to keep your content quality top-notch. Otherwise, building a career might be impossible. Because the internet has made it so easy to build a career as an independent artist, there is a lot of competition. So the only way to make your mark is to be very regular and uncompromising about the quality. 

Build Network And Community 

The internet has made building your music career easier than ever before. However, that doesn’t mean you can stay on the other side of the screen and gain popularity. In the music industry, the people that have good relations with you have a lot to do with your success. Remember the internet is not the only place where you can find fans or support

The first thing to do is to get support from your locals. Let people in your neighborhood know. Attend meetups and concerts near you. Contact other artists in your community. Find relevant online communities, and be active. This way you will gain a fanbase, and they will keep you motivated. 

Perform Live 

Anyone who aspires to be a music artist has dreamed of performing live at least once in their lives. Performing live can be a great headstart to your career. Moreover, you can never learn as much from any other way of performing. Before you plan to perform, make sure to visit a lot of concerts and learn from them

If you are currently not confident enough to perform in front of a massive crowd, you should practice in front of a few people. You can start by performing in front of your family. Then maybe you can go on to perform in small functions, schools, churches, etc. This way you can gain the confidence to perform in front of any number of people. Performing live is also a great way to gain new fans; people who didn’t click on your video or the people to whom your video couldn’t reach can know about your talent.    

To Sum Up

Building a career is not hard if you continue to work hard with determination. It may take time, but working hard will never disappoint you. Be patient and never stop dreaming. You’ll surely succeed. 

Written by Monella