Actor Gary A Wales is working on a new project called RAGE

We all know Gary Wales aka Gary A Wales, as the guy who’s worked on Game Of Thrones and many other great projects. Now, he is in the process of making a new movie called RAGE and we couldn’t be more excited.

RAGE is about a seemingly normal family man called Alex who goes out for a date night with his wife. However, after a night spent drinking heavily and taking an assortment of drugs, things take a nasty turn when they return home.

Actor Gary Wales – Photograph By Buster Brown

His Instagram Story on the 6th January showed that he was doing a photoshoot for the movie and you can see one of the end results above. We reached out to Gary to ask him more about his forthcoming project.

What drove you to create this piece of art?

RAGE is a piece of art that is going to shock the world. I aim to raise awareness with this piece, pointing out the main issues that unfortunately a lot of people suffer on a daily basis which is Violence, Drugs & Alcohol. Combine all that together and well let’s just say “expect the worse”.

How long is RAGE and where will it be available to watch?

RAGE is about 6 minutes long, and it will be available in the UK & USA on Amazon Prime to start off . For the rest of the world, we are still working on that but hopefully we can get it picked up and be on other services.

Is there a movie poster for RAGE yet?

Yes. Here it is. I just want to say thank you to Buster Brown Photography & make up artist Ola Szczygie for making these images come alive and working hard with me on the shoot.

The images look intense and we can’t wait to see the final product. Filming is due to start late April and the finished project is due for release May/June time.

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Written by Charlotte Mills

Writer for CelebMix