ALBUM REVIEW: Rebecca Ferguson ‘Superwoman’

One album we at CelebMix have been eagerly anticipating is the fourth album from X Factor 2010 alumni Rebecca Ferguson entitled Superwoman set for release on October 14th. Last week we sat down with Rebecca for an interview about the Superwoman, parenthood and breaking the rules. You can head here to have a read of it. During the interview Rebecca revealed that each track she writes is written and recorded based on exactly how she feels during that recording day, making this a truly personal release.

Opening the release is latest single ‘Bones’, the track is a cover of Ginny Blackmore’s 2013 setting a soulful tone for the album. Rebecca’s vocals flutter between the soothing verses before a simply heavenly chorus effort is thrown into the mix. Backing vocals are used in harmony to compliment her vocal power but provide a gospel edge which we hope carries on throughout the release.

What becomes clear immediately is that this release is going to be a tempo rollercoaster ride as upbeat tracks ‘Mistress’ and ‘Don’t Want You Back’ both flaunt a club vibe and for all the ladies out there listening will suddenly make them feel empowered. The big, brassy introduction of ‘Mistress’ creates an atmosphere of sass carried on through the track. Rebecca’s vocals are upped a feisty notch, singing “I’ve drawn my conclusions, you want me to be your bit on the side” to which the response is “that ain’t me!”. We’re hooked on this track because you just feel the urge to stand up, take charge and know that you can do better than not being someone’s number one. Echoed in ‘Don’t Want You Back’, there’s an upbeat pop edge making us convinced this track wouldn’t be out of place in a club night surrounded by your best mates when you realise “I don’t think I want you back”. We’ve all been there, but the unique tones Rebecca possesses make a time which everyone hates dealing with, sound a whole lot more fun. This track just proves we all need Rebecca to be our best friend to empower us and pick us up when we’re down in the dumps over someone we shouldn’t be. Girl power lives on!

Rebecca is doing a great job of showing herself as a musical superwoman, oozing in confidence, passion and not being afraid to create different tracks rather than one release full of a single genre. From the upbeat club anthems to tracks such as ‘Oceans’, a piano-led introduction sets a reflective, deeper scene carried through with her simplistic yet powerful and tender vocals. The impeccable composition of this track creates something quite stunning and worthy of a place on a movie soundtrack.

Having recently told CelebMix that ‘Pay For It’ and ‘Hold Me’ are her favourite tracks on the release, we’re not surprised to see why. ‘Hold Me’ sings of those times when things go wrong and all you want is to look after you, lyrics including “will you hold me, cos I feel like giving up” make this not only an emotive effort but one we can all connect to. It’s a slow, sincere track focusing solely on Rebecca’s powerful vocals shining in strength that even when things aren’t going your way your way you can rely on someone to turn it around. ‘Pay For It’ on the other hand shows the tongue in cheek side to Rebecca which she describes as “Rebecca Ferguson rude” which isn’t very rude at all. Singing of going back to an ex “every time I hunger for the taste of it, hit me and I know I always pay for it” sooner or later. This slower track packs a thought-provoking punch when you know something isn’t good for you but you can’t escape it as a sense of remorse and self-disappointment can be heard through her vocals.

As the release draws to a close ‘Waiting For Me’ and ‘I’ll Meet You There’ are left to make this a memorable closer and this they do. ‘Waiting For Me’ gradually builds from the starting verse into an angelic chorus flaunting Rebecca’s vocal range and loveable Liverpool twang on words. Slower, soothing and piano led ‘I’ll Meet You There’ feels like an odd way to end a significantly upbeat release. There’s no deny Rebecca Ferguson has an undeniable talent, such a simplistic closer packs a punch bringing out emotions you didn’t know you had within you thanks to the twinkling final notes.

Superwoman shows that four albums down the line and Rebecca Ferguson is stronger lyrically, mentally and musically. She might sing “never have I said that I’m superwoman” but you know what? She could be lying as we’re hooked on this outstanding release. Bringing 11 tracks to make you laugh, cry and party hard to get over things which life throws at you to try to get you down. After 11 tracks, we feel empowered and ready to face the world and quite frankly like a superwoman.

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Written by Nicola Craig

Lover of all things pop, a boyband or two, and discovering new artists to get hooked on. You'll usually find me at a gig, truly living my best life without a care in the world.