Still from the "Como Ay" music video which sees Antonia caked in flour with Alina Ceusan behind her, brushing her face near Antonia's neck.

Antonia Releases Comedic New Single & Music Video “Como ¡Ay!”

At the end of 2018, Antonia hit it big in her home country of Romania with the Spanglish song “Matame” featuring Erik Frank, so it’s not a surprise to see her release a full Spanish track, this time titled “Como ¡Ay!” which roughly translates to “Like, Ouch!” in English. The song follows up her previous single release “Muti”.

Antonia, full name Antonia Iacobescu, is a Romanian singer who hit internationally on Tom Boxer’s single “Morena”, she later followed that up with a number one single in her home country, titled “Marabou”. She’s been building up her career in her country by releasing amazing singles and collaborating with the likes of INNA, Alexandra Stan, Pitbull, Connect-R, and Achi. She also collaborated with Alex Velea, her partner, on her own single – where he was an uncredited vocalist – “Iubirea mea” and on his single “Sahara“. She continues to release brilliant singles and hit it big with the release of “Matame“, at the end of 2018, which featured Erik Frank. We’re waiting for the day she releases her second studio album, as it’s been five years since she dropped her debut album.

According to Spotify, this song has been written by Alexandru Cotoi, Andrei Mateos, and Luisa Luca, whilst Alexandru Cotoi produced the track. The tongue-in-cheek music video was directed by Bogdan Paun of NGM Creative, with Alexandru Muresan acting as the director of photography. The concept for the visual came from Andra Marta & Chris Poszet, and Loops Production handled the production of the video. Alina Ceusan stars alongside Antonia, as her love interest, in this music video.

Watch Antonia’s Music Video For “Como ¡Ay!” Here:

This full Spanish track suits Antonia down to a tee, her voice sounds so beautiful during the verses, so much so that she blows us away. The backing track is rhythmically catchy and we can so see a few remixes appearing for this track. The chorus is pretty repetitive but enough that you’ll be singing along and getting it stuck in your head. Our rough translation of the lyrics suggests the song is about sex and being with someone throughout the night – turned into the English language, it’s not all that creative, but the Spanish words coalesce aestetically.

The real stand out is the music video, though. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen girl-on-girl action from Antonia, as we saw her do just that in the music video for the song that went international, Tom Boxer’s “Morena”, which she featured on; we presume this is a homage to that visual. It is played up a lot more, for a comedic effect. The video opens with video titles, one of which announces that this is a “Diary” before launching into “Chapter 1: Golf”, in which we see Antonia and Alina Ceusan in golfing outfits, hitting the golf course; they’re instantly connecting, first by swinging together, then Antonia aims the ball between Alina Ceusan’s legs, next Alina Ceusan runs over a male golfer in the background, and then Antonia tees the ball off the guy’s head. “Chapter 2: Bathroom” sees the girls in two separate cubicles, and there’s a hole (possibly a glory hole) in the side of the wall they share, to which Antonia paints Alina Ceusan’s toenails; on the walls are song lyrics and other words and phrases.

“Chapter 3: Balloons” sees Antonia is a room full of orange rocket balloons, her make-up is on-point, showing off a freckled-look. We watch as she is surprised at how big the balloon gets – totally metaphorical here. Then the final chapter arrives, “Chapter 4: Kitchen”, where both women get sexual, whilst they boil eggs, using various objects they can find including a cheese grater, and they start caressing each other with flour and leaving hand-prints all over each other. At the end of the video, we are told that “No men were harmed in the making of this video.” – which is always good to know. It’s clear they had fun in this video, and it’s great to see this comedic video from this team. We’ll never forget this visual, and we’re pretty sure you won’t either.

“Como ¡Ay!” is available to download and stream right now, via Global Records. We really need a new Antonia album, it really has been too long!

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