Artist 101: With Confidence

Who are the members?

Jayden Seeley, lead vocals and bass.
Artist 101: With Confidence 1

Luke Rockets, guitar.
Artist 101: With Confidence 2

Josh Brozzesi, drums.
Artist 101: With Confidence 3

Inigo Del Carmen, backing vocals and guitar.
Artist 101: With Confidence 4

When are their birthdays?

Jayden was born November 19th 1992.

Luke was born May 24th 1993.

Josh was born Ocotber 9th 1992.

Inigo was born April 1st 1992.

What is their most popular song?

With Confidence’s most popular song is ‘Voldemort’ taken from their debut album ‘Better Weather’ which was released in June.

What else do I need to know about the band?

The band started with Jayden, Josh and their friend Samuel Haynes as they all attended the same school. Shortly fourth member Inigo Del Carmen joined and the band was formed. They put out their first single ‘Stand Again in April 2013.

In January 2014 the band announced that Samuel would no longer be a part of With Confidence. The band continued as a three piece and released a new single called ‘I Will Never Wait’ and they supported the release with their first national headline tour in April. In Spetember 2014 it was announced that Luke Rockets would be joining the band and they continued as a four piece.

In January 2016 it was announced that the band has signed a record deal with Hopeless Records and followed the announcement with a release of a new single and music video – ‘We’ll Be Okay’. Their debut album ‘Better Weather’ was released on June 17th. The band will end this year by supporting 5 Seconds of Summer on the Australian leg of Sounds Live Feels Live, play a headline ‘Better Weather’ tour across Australia in October and support Real Friends on their UK tour along with Knuckle Puck.

What is With Confidence’s social media?

Band: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Official Website

Jayden Seeley: Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat

Luke Rockets: Twitter | Instagram

Josh Brozzesi: Twitter | Instagram

Inigo Del Carmen: Twitter | Instagram

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