Barei & Chenoa In The "Las Chicas Buenas" Music Video

DISCOVER: Barei Features On Chenoa’s New Single & Music Video “Las Chicas Buenas”

This week saw a lot of amazing new releases, but none quite like Chenoa and Barei’s collaboration, titled “Las Chicas Buenas”. Talk about one fierce female team-up! This release follows up Chenoa’s single “Ai Mi Manera”, whilst this marks Barei’s first release of 2019 following up last year’s “Bitter Cold”.

Chenoa, real name Maria Falomir, is an Argentine-Spanish singer-songwriter. She’s best known for competing on the first series of Operación Triunfo, where she came in at fourth place back in 2002. She’s gone on to have a successful career in the music industry within Spain, dropping a total of eight studio albums, to date, all of which has entered the Top 5 of Spain’s album charts apart from one which peaked at number six; the first five also charted in Argentina. Since most of her songs are in Spanish, a few of them have managed to chart well in Latin America, namely “Todo irá bien”, “El bolsillo del revés”, “Absurda cenicienta”, and “Buenas noticias”. She is also a coach on Tu cara me suena (the Spanish version of Your Face Sounds Familiar) and also appears regularly on Zapeando.

As for Barei, real name Bárbara González-Aller, she’s best known for representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, with the catchy song “Say Yay!”. She managed to gain 77 points, which placed her 22nd in the Grand Final. Since then, she released an anti-bullying single “I Don’t Need To Be You” which appears on her latest album, You Number One. Next up was three singles that were released week-on-week, these were “Wasn’t Me“, “Forget It“, and “Worry, Worry (feat. Porta)”. Then, preceding the release of her third studio LP, “You Number One” was dropped as the lead track and title single of the said album, all before ending the year with the release of “Bitter Cold”, and later giving birth to twins, a girl and a boy, on 26 December 2018, which she named India and León respectively. We congratulate her on the birth of her two children. and we hope she’s enjoying motherhood.

According to Spotify, this track has been written by Amanda Castillo Santos, Bárbara Reyzábal González-Aller, Carla Andrea López Zuniga, Maria Laura Corradini Falomir, and Rubén Villanueva Maranón, whilst it has been produced by Ruben Villanueva. As for the music video, Fanny Bergé acted as director of photography, while Sebastian Linares choreographed the number. The visual also stars actor Urtzi Sánchez.

Watch Chenoa’s Music Video To “Las Chicas Buenas” Featuring Barei Here;

What a song! It’s no surprise that this track has soared on the Spanish iTunes charts as it is beyond catchy. We may not know a word of Spanish but that hook has certainly embedded itself in our heads. A perfect female collaboration, Chenoa and Barei completely shine throughout the track “Las Chicas Buenas” adding brilliant harmonies and impressing to no end with their voices. The title translates to “The Good Girls” in English and the lyrics are all about sharing a love interest, to the extent where the girls actually like each other and are prepared to share more than just clothes, possibly normalising polyamorous relationships.

As for the music video, most of it takes place in the changing rooms, which sees Chenoa and Barei trying on a variety of clothes and sharing the fashion choices with each other, whilst their love interest stands just outside. Both artists are wearing fierce outfits throughout, showing off their figures, and spreading their confidence. Another scene can be seen throughout where they are in a black room with neon lights. The final scene sees two photos, one of Chenoa and the love interest kissing, and the other showing Barei and the love interest kissing. Fierce, sexy, and fun, it’s clear these female artists enjoyed their time on-set of this music video, which in turn brings joy to the viewers. We also love the nod to Barei’s “Say Yay!” with the feet shuffling at the start of the video.

“Las Chicas Buenas” is available to download and stream right now, via Alias Music.

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