Bars & Melody keep it real in fresh new single “Henny”

Bars & Melody are hoping to be a real influence in their latest single “Henny,” giving listeners a raw insight into their lives. With millions of dedicated fans, as well as millions of streams globally, the duo found fame after they went on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2014. The British rap double act have come far on their journey and now want to paint a real picture of their life and their experiences so far. Their latest single “Henny” packs a punch and is a certified party starter, certain to bring the room alive.

Taking a new lucid approach, the single was made in just 20 minutes of recording. The duo aren’t here to mess about taking their music seriously, ensuring they keep it honest and unfiltered, as well as taking complete creative control on this single. The single is pulsing with fresh 808s, visual lyrics, energetic trap rhythms and one damn catchy hook, “Oh, sip henny straight with no ice.” The drill, pop, trap single is a tasty take on genre-bending and will give you an appetite for this addictive combo. Their influences include the likes of AJ Tracey, Steel Banglez, Yung Thug and Travis Scott. 

Bars & Melody are showing us how much they’ve changed and want to steer their career path down the most authentic route yet. They share, “The past few years we have been quiet and really focused on creating the type of music we wanted to make as individuals. This next phase is the most important part of our career as we can be who we really want to be.” Their dedication to following their own path, despite what others think, is truly inspiring. If we can take anything away from Bars & Melody, it’s that we should learn to live unapologetically ourselves and hold our head up high!

So buckle up and listen to the party-fueled “Henny.”

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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