Bazzi releases the music video for “Beautiful” featuring Camila Cabello

Bazzi, an American singer-songwriter whose song “Mine” became Internet’s favourite, has now released a spectacular music video with Camila Cabello. On August 2, Bazzi and Camila revealed the remix for “Beautiful” and today, the duo dropped the official music video for the track.

Following the narratives of fairy tales from ancient times and taking a cue from the evergreen drama of Romeo and Juliet, the music video shows Bazzi and Camila playing hide and seek, trying to catch a glimpse of each other. The ending of the music video is both a point of initiation as well as the culmination. As the protagonists realize the beauty of each other souls, they are also led to a point where a new story is bound to unfold.

“Beautiful” is a song of appreciation but it is the kind of single that isn’t limited to the admiration of someone else. As Bazzi and Camila “looks” in each other eyes, they also get a chance to see the beauty in their own self, an alternative narrative that showcases the value of self-love.

Musically, both the artists sound amazing. Post release of singles including “Mine” and  “Consequences”, both Bazzi and Camila have found a firm ground for themselves in the industry.

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Written by Ayushi

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