Bea Miller Releases a Chilling Music Video for "to the grave" ft. Mike Stud

Bea Miller Releases a Chilling Music Video for “to the grave” ft. Mike Stud

Today, Bea Miller dropped the official music video for “to the grave”! She originally released the track before Halloween in honor of it being her favorite day of the year, so we’re thrilled to see a full music video for it.

Bea Miller shared saying, “We all dress ourselves up for other people, to show them what we want them to see, not who we are. The song is saying that sometimes you have to strip yourself down and make yourself really vulnerable to be happy eventually.”

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to the grave video this thursday ??

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To go along with her original Halloween mindset, the video stays true to that theme. Directed by Miles & AJ (Billie Eilish, Jaden Smith), the video is set in the middle the night at a junk yard somewhere outside of Los Angeles. The fact that this isn’t a set and is an actual place makes it that much more entertaining to watch!

Mike Stud shared saying, “Bea reached out asking if I would hop on this record, and after listening to the track I definitely caught a vibe from it and felt like I understood what she was trying to. She’s dope and I think the song and video are too. I’m excited for this video to drop, I think our fans are gonna rock with it.”

And we agree. As fans of Bea Miller, we absolutely love this track and what it stands for.

You can stream and/or download Chapter Three: Yellow which features “to the grave” using the links below.

Check out the video for “to the grave” below:

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