Bea Miller Releases Music Video for “Brand New Eyes” #WonderTheMovie #ChooseKind

Bea Miller Releases Music Video for “Brand New Eyes” #WonderTheMovie #ChooseKind

After teasing on her Instagram that she had written a song for a new movie coming out in November yesterday, Bea Miller released the music video for the track titled “Brand New Eyes” today! Since the release, we found out that the song is from the upcoming movie Wonder, based on the based on the New York Times bestseller, Wonder.

The movie, directed by Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Beauty and the Beast, and Rent), tells the inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman who was born with facial differences that, up until now, have prevented him from going to a mainstream school. In the story, Auggie becomes the most unlikely of heroes when he enters the local fifth grade.

As his family, his new classmates, and the larger community all struggle to find their compassion and acceptance, Auggie’s journey unites them all as he proves to people that you can’t blend in when you were born to stand out.

“Brand New Eyes”, co-written by Bea, will be featured in the film’s end credits as well as the movies trailer. The song’s lyrics, “Couldn’t let the world decide / All of the things that I can or can’t do / what if I had taken all the things / that broke me and made them my truth,” perfectly capture the message of the movie. “I was able to see the movie to draw inspiration for writing the song,” says Bea. “Everyone is fighting their own battle and it’s really important to be there for one another. I’m so proud to be a part of this project.”

Wonder will be released on November 17, 2017.

You can watch the powerful trailer HERE.

You can download “Brand New Eyes on iTunes HERE and stream it HERE.

Check out the video for “Brand New Eyes” below:

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