Best tips to avoid pests at home

Whether it’s fruit flies, termites, cockroaches, fleas or even rodents, nobody wants to come home to a house full of pests. At this time of the year, in the warmer summer months, there is an even greater chance of pests in your home. What’s perhaps important to remember is that having a pest infestation is not your fault, and it certainly doesn’t mean that your home is dirty or unhygienic. But knowing how you can combat them can make life a little bit easier.

Clean, clean, clean 

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do when you’re suffering from a pest infestation is to clean your home. Roaches and slugs are most likely to come into your home if they can smell food, so clearing away any spills or leftovers can go a long way in making your home pest-free.

Wipe down your kitchen after cooking, clear away the plates, and check that the backs of your cupboards haven’t had any spillages where pests could gather. 

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Secure the outside

Remember that all insects once lived outside – and it’s your responsibility to keep them out of your property. Spend some time performing a reccy on your property – look at your windows, doors, vents, pipes, and chimneys and see whether they’re easy for bugs to sneak in through. Sure, you’re not going to be able to block off your windows or doors, but if your property is in need of repairs such as torn window screens, make them so that it’s harder for bugs to get in. They’re going to gravitate towards open spaces near your pipes and vents, so fill in cracks and gaps with caulk and consider calling in a professional if you’re concerned. 

Invest in the right equipment

Though you might be tempted to call in a professional pest controller as soon as you see signs in your home, don’t underestimate yourself! There are lots of products on the market that can be used to help eradicate pests, including the ever-popular Everpest pest repellers. These repellers use ultrasonic, electromagnetic, bionic pulses that are totally safe for you and your family, but help to expel insects and pests out of your property. The best part is that it’s cruelty-free, encouraging pests to leave the area rather than kill them off. Now more than ever, we’re paying closer attention to our health and wellbeing. Remember that pests can cause a host of diseases; focus on getting them out of your home sooner rather than later.

Don’t leave food out for them

Finally, as obvious as it sounds, it’s important not to leave any food out that could encourage unwanted houseguests to make their way into your abode. Make sure you put snacks away in airtight containers, don’t leave leftovers on the table to clear up later, and ensure that any loose food is sealed or put in your refrigerator so that pests don’t have any reason to come a-knocking. The same goes for things such as fruit bowls that sit in the middle of your table, and even pet food bowls – put them away and you’ll be less likely to have a pest infestation.

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Nobody wants pests in their homes. The good news is that, if you follow the techniques we’ve offered above, you should be on your way to success. Check back soon for more tips.

Written by Monella