Beyond the Song: Waste The Night – 5 Seconds of Summer

Waste the Night is the eighth track on 5 Seconds of Summer’s sophomore effort Sounds Good Feels Good.  Unlike anything else from the boys, it’s a drum and synth driven track, changing the pace of SGFG dramatically.

Written by all four Aussies, producer John Feldmann, and J-Kash (the songwriter behind such absolute jams as Maroon 5’s Sugar and Jason DeRulo’s Wiggle) it’s a unique shift from the pop punk 5SOS are known for.

Officially the first song written for the album, producer Zakk Cervini likens the song to lead singer and guitarist Luke Hemmings, “Luke is a really chilled, relaxed guy, and that song is similar.” Feldmann adds a handful of influences behind the drum-driven track, “It reminds me of “Invisible Sun” by the Police. It’s a very weird song… It reminds me of the Weeknd — a rhymic, almost mid-tempo feel. This is not a pop-punk song.”




Despite it’s rolling, chanted chorus and simplistic verses, Waste The Night established itself as an immediate fan favourite with SGFG’s release. The mellow charm and powerful chorus transition incredibly to the stage where the song became a highlight on the band’s recent Sounds Live Feels Live tour. A lull in music as the gentle opening chords of the song play as the backing soundtrack to Hemmings’ hyping the crowd. (Hemmings wandering the stage sans guitar and full of bravado helped, too)

Before we take a look at the lyrics we would like to mention that, as with any song, lyrics are open to interpretation and ours is only one of many. We hope any interpretation from us will only add to your appreciation of one of our faves.

The salt on your skin is pulling me in
And I need your love, and I need your love

The scratch in your voice leaves me no choice
And I won’t give up, and I can’t give up

The lyrics paint an intimate picture of nights spent with loved ones. The verses are soft, highlighting Hemmings’ and Hood’s vocals in low rasps. Their voices pair perfectly with the image of the intimate relationship they describe. While Hemmings’ words speak of the before, Hood’s seem to reach the after, the moment of leaving that leads into the pre-chorus.

I don’t wanna say goodbye to another night
And watch you walk away
I don’t wanna let it burn in the city lights
And make the same mistakes

As far as touring goes, 5SOS have seen every inch of the globe. Nights like the ones described in Waste The Night are not unusual but the lyrics suggest a longing for companionship; a desire to rectify past mistakes and regrets.

It’s a change of pace for the boys — a hint of Mumford & Sons stomping and Irwin’s dynamic drumming make it an incredible addition to the 5SOS catalogue. Not to mention the bonus of a melodic interlude, synthetic lyrics and more punching drums.

Waste The Night is an undeniable cornerstone for 5SOS and we certainly hope it’s influence carries on through whatever is to come for the boys!

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Written by CelebMix