Beyond The Song: Story of Another Us – 5 Seconds of Summer

Story of Another Us is the last track (number nineteen) on 5 Seconds of Summer’s sophomore album Sounds Good Feels Good. This track is featured on the band’s Target released album so some fans may not know this track as well as others do.

Co-written by Luke Hemmings and Josh Ramsay (the lead singer of Mariana’s Trench), the power duo sat down and wrote a killer song about a relationship, it’s conflicts, misfortunes, and hectic emotions.


Do you know what Story of Another Us is about? Read on for a verse by verse break down on the song’s meaning and significance!

Replay the scene over again, before the credits rolling in. Inside my head I don’t recall a single word, you hit me faster than I heard, inside my head.

Similar to Heartache on the Big Screen, the male compares his relationship to that of a movie. He desperately tries to remember what happened between them before everything went wrong, but unfortunately he’s unable to.

The relationship most likely ended with an explosive argument; the female firing comments at him faster than he could even process and then walking out after, leaving him with high hopes that they might work out.

And now I’m shaking, wearing thin. I always wonder where you’d been; tell me if you wanted it at all.

The couples breakup left him feeling broken and utterly defenseless; making him question whether their relationship was even real in the first place, since she hasn’t bothered to return to him. This verse refers to an earlier hit single, Amnesia.

I got a long-term plan with short-term fixes, and a wasted heart that just eclipses; and I push my luck from trust to dust enough. That’s the story of another us, one last ditch, a new beginning. So take this heart, put yourself in it this surprise ending I’m depending on, could be the story of another us. The story of another us (x3), could be the story of another us.

He plans to rekindle their broken relationship and fix the problems that severed the romance in the first place, so that the relationship could last longer. But he feels as though his heart is not pure enough and that he’s pushing his luck. He wants the relationship to be something that onlookers adore.

Again, he plans to rekindle their romance and start fresh with a new beginning. He realizes their relationship isn’t perfect and that’s okay, because if it were it’d be a story of another them in a different universe with a different reality.

Memories are pay-per-view, it costs too much to think of you. I’m hanging by a thread; an epilogue before we’re done, a sequel to what we’ve begun, I’m hanging by a thread.

He’s got so many memories of their relationship that it costs too much to even think of them, damaging his emotional health and state of mind. He’s insanely close to his breaking point because he is unable to handle any of it anymore.

He feels like they’re now two different people who once knew each other but don’t anymore.

And now before our hope is lost. My heart is here, it’s such a cause; tell me if you wanted it at all.

This verse implies that the male wants clarity from the female. He wants to know if their relationship meant anything to her at all, if she cared, and if she even bothered to fight for him as hard as he did for her.

Drowning, beside you where I’ll be to remind you. We’re still first in line for the front row of last resorts. One last ditch and new beginnings, so take this heart put yourself in it, this surprise ending I’m depending on.

He wants her to know that he’ll always be there for her regardless of the conditions; whatever the circumstances he’ll be there and he’ll never forget her. They may be on the brink of their relationship officially ending but they’re willing to take the necessary last resorts to make the relationship work.

He wants to start over again with a new start and a new beginning, and so he’s offering his heart to her to hold on to it. A symbol that he trusts her with something so delicate and fragile – a symbol for a new beginning.


Overall, this song is about a relationship between two lovers turning into turmoil but they both come together and try to come to terms with their issues and solve them. Story of Another Us represents a new beginning for the couple and their relationship.

If their relationship was absolutely perfect, it wouldn’t be them it’d be a totally different them but they’re starting fresh with less friction and problems.

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