The boys are out on Celebrity Big Brother

Female power has come back to play in Celebrity Big Brother as the three laddish characters were eliminated in tonight’s (26th January) triple eviction.

First up with the fewest votes was Andrew Brady who until recently was a favourite to win the entire series. Unfortunately for Andrew, going up against Ann Widdecombe was not in the public’s favourite and as fascinating he was to watch, we were subjected to a darker side of him and it was perhaps better for him leave as the pressure had got to him.

Next out the door was Jonny Mitchell, who we believe has show a real maturity and kindness to his personality.  Whilst we don’t believe he was an integral part of the show and the story that’s it’s followed, he should be really proud of the way he has represented himself in the house and can walk out with his head high.

Daniel O’Reilly known better as ‘Dapper Laughs’, was third out having lost the vote to the illustrious Courtney Act. This guy has surely been on an emotional rollercoaster and he did so well. We’ve laughed with him, cried with him and sometimes sneered at his inappropriate jokes and Daniel really showed us his true gentle and vulnerable persona behind his stage facade. He’s everything a Big Brother Housemate and we must add a big congratulation to him and his fiance, whom he proposed to live on air, during his chat with Emma Willis. All together now, awww!

This time next week, the CBB winner will have been crowned! Anything can happen before then!

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Written by byaregal

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