Brandon Stansell Posts Live Cover Of Miranda Lambert’s “Tin Man”

There are only 17 days left to go until Brandon Stansell’s Kickstarter Campaign finishes. At the current moment, he has reached over $10,000 of his $30,000 goal. Upon reaching the goal, he will record and release his debut album, titled Slow Down. We highly encourage you to pledge right now!

There are plenty of Pledge rewards for backers; the more money you pledge, the bigger reward you will receive. Not only that but as he reaches certain milestones, he will release a surprise for all his backers and fans. The first of which has been released.

Reaching $5,000 was the first milestone. According to the Kickstarter description, this milestone means that “You vote and pick a song for me to cover and I’ll do it LIVE on Facebook and Instagram!” – and that is exactly what he did.

He took to Facebook live and Instagram live for a cover of Miranda Lambert’s “Tin Man” which he sang beautifully. We can’t get over how amazing this is, and if this doesn’t help entice you to pledge on his Kickstarter campaign, we highly suggest you listen to his music on Spotify to truly help make up your mind.

Miranda Lambert sings this song to perfection, so to do a cover version of this technically beautiful track “Tin Man” is no small feat. Yet, Brandon Stansell manages to flood the song with all his usual emotion, proving he has what it takes to really make a mark within the country music industry. He deserves to reach his Kickstarter goal because of his amazing vocals during this cover, alone! This is one cover we won’t be able to forget about, for some time; he sings this flawlessly.

Watch Brandon Stansell’s Facebook Live Cover Of Miranda Lambert’s “Tin Man” Here:

Also, Check Out Brandon Stansell’s Music On Spotify Here:

Don’t forget to support Brandon Stansell’s Kickstarter Campaign so that he can release his debut full-length album! Tell us your thoughts on his Miranda Lambert “Tin Man” cover on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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