Brynilde Releases Magical ‘The Sound of the Winter Sun’

Melodic rock artist Brynilde recently released her debut album, The Sound of the Winter Sun, which reveals an expansive scope of sounds and emotions.

Talking about the album, Brynilde shares, “Inspired by ancient wisdoms, folktales, antique symbols and alchemy, my songs explore different themes such as identity, courage, authenticity, addiction, and spirituality, with the overarching goal of breaking free.”

Brynilde explains her zigzagging path to The Sound of the Winter Sun: “I had my first experience with music composition when I was a teenager and was playing the guitar. I recall it felt like a mystical experience; my fingers were animated by an external force and a melody came out from my guitar. It was an isolated incident though.

“In my quest to understand the world and reality, I took on a scientific career trajectory, leaving my artistic aspiration behind. Compelled to explore new horizons, I moved to the US in my mid-twenties. I was feeling off-balanced for years. Some events pushed me to the edge and forced me to reevaluate my life priorities. I bought a piano and started singing lessons. I also started to follow Buddhist philosophy, studied psychology, and learned about world mythologies.”

Encompassing eight tracks, entry points on the album include “The Descent,” opening on a soft, mystical piano, followed by the entry of dark, dramatic strings. As the rhythm takes hold, the tune takes on a galloping cadence topped by Brynilde’s enchanting voice, at once delicately potent and crystalline.

“Priestess or Shieldmaiden” travels on emerging strings as Brynilde’s voice imbues the lyrics with numinous tones. Rumbling, syncopated percussion gives the tune shadowy, primal dynamics as a rippling guitar offers antiphonal accents.

One of the album’s gems, “Ungracefully,” conjures up suggestions of Evanescence, blending gentle, shimmering colors with muscular surging guitars. The juxtaposition of Brynilde’s translucent timbres with thick washes of heavy rock infuses the tune with a superb duality of textures.

“Thorns” rolls out on an elegant piano, and then slowly builds on a light rhythm to powerful, thrumming resonance. While the final track, “I See Beauty,” merges industrial energy with gleaming coloration. As the harmonics gather mass, Brynilde’s beguiling lustrous voice infuses the lyrics with exquisite tones.

Brynilde has it going on! The Sound of the Winer Sun offers tantalizing layers of mystical, Gothic music, rhythmic pulses, and mesmerizing vocals.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.