Cat Turner releases new single “Waster”

There is a reason why one can never be bored of music. The art offers genres like delicacies in a buffet party which always leaves an unexploded option for the attendee aka the listener.

We all might be listening to the classics of David Bowie or trance tracks of Tove Lo without realising the fact that their musicality overlaps at multiple levels.

Ambient Pop is the genre that allows artists to pay attention to the music over instruments. The resulting composition blends sound and words in such a manner that it becomes difficult to decipher the latter. The music produced under this genre has hypnotic and meditative qualities.

There is a deliberate attempt in the genre to make listeners pay attention to the background which often gets lost in the dominance of words. While Bowie had been the pioneer of the genre, Tove Lo’s electro pop songs give us a glimpse of the genre in them.

Cat Turner takes cue from the legacy of Bowie and Tove Lo to create her own kind of music. Terming her music as “Goth Pop”, the producer/artist combines her seductive music with her raw vocals.

Listeners will get a chance to experience her art in her new single “Waster”. The track is one of the singles from her upcoming EP “Contrast”. In terms of music, there is an uneasy balance on ‘Waster’ that feels at any moment about to be disturbed; the shadowy synths and deep bass making for an unnerving mood of menace. Waster’s angsty vibes manage to integrate a darker and more cynical side to the artist, underpinned by a sense of danger always lurking in the shadows.

Talking about the single, Turner said,

”Waster’ is about an internal battle with myself where the stronger, more driven side of my personality wants to kill the weaker side.”

You can listen to track here:

While Turner might be a newcomer in the industry but her confidence and passion for electro and alt pop will take her a long way. What do you think? Share your thoughts about “Waster” via tweet @CelebMix.

Written by Ayushi

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