CelebMix Music Introducing: Harry Pane

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Here at CelebMix, we love introducing our readers to new, up and coming talent. In this article, we introduce you to singer and song-writer Harry Pane, who has recently made his return to the music scene with the release of new single ‘Heart’s Rhythm.’

With his musical career stemming from growing up in a farmhouse in Northamptonshire with his father, he has certainly gone from strength to strength.

His recent track ‘Heart’s Rhythm’ somewhat takes listeners on a journey, right from the first beat of the track. The relatively stripped back acoustic, guitar-focused nature throughout the track allows for his vocals to be exemplified and the lyrics have a deeper meaning. Overall, we absolutely love this track!

‘Love’s a crazy thing, as it courses through the veins.’

2018 has been an immensely successful year for Harry Pane, with some of his many achievements including collating over six million streams through self-releasing, also gaining support in other European countries and cities.

With a headline tour already announced for next year, 2019 looks set to be an exciting year for Harry Pane. A full list of 2019 live dates is as follows:

Friday 1 November 2019 – Liverpool Philharmonic, Liverpool;

Sunday 3 November 2019 – Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham;

Monday 4 November 2019 – Manchester Bridgewater Hall, Manchester;

Wednesday 6 November 2019 – Birmingham Symphony Hall, Birmingham;

Thursday 7 November 2019 – Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth;

Saturday 9 November 2019 – The Forum, Bath;

Sunday 10 November 2019 – Oxford New Theatre, Oxford;

Tuesday 12 November 2019 – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow;

Wednesday 13 November 2019 – The Sage, Gateshead;

Friday 15 November 2019 – Cliffs Pavilion, Southend;

Saturday 16 November 2019 – St David’s Hall, Cardiff;

Monday 18 November and Tuesday 19 November 2019 – Royal Albert Hall, London.

Tickets for his upcoming live shows can be bought through harrypane.com.

CelebMix had the opportunity to speak with Harry Pane about his new single ‘Heart’s Rhythm,’ his plans for 2019 and more.

How important has songwriting been to you, particularly when writing ‘Heart’s Rhythm’?

“I have been mainly concentrating on writing material with a different frame of mind. When my Dad died, I really had no choice but to write about it in one way or another. I think it actually helped me gain some perspective once I could pay those songs live and explain them to people. I find it important to write about things that really mean something to me personally and that’s why I say to write with a different frame of mind because unfortunately the subjects of death and loss were always at the forefront. I have also started performing regularly with a great double bass player – Nathan Weanie. I was so used to performing on my own that it has certainly given me a boost and a new wave of confidence being on stage with him. I have a superb lap steel guitarist – Aeron Z Jones – who has also played some shows with us. They’re featured on this track as well. It’s all great experience for me to be honest!”

Was there a particular style of music you wanted to showcase with this track?

“I like experimenting in open tunings and I had been sitting on the instrumental to this track for a while. I wanted to record something with a pulse and some energy, but also has the vibe and style that comes naturally to me as an artist.”

How would you describe this track?

“I guess this song does have a slightly dark feel to it, but it’s actually a love song. I would say it’s not the norm for me to write loving lyrics, but as I’ve mentioned, I wanted to write with a different attitude. When you love and appreciate someone, it’s a powerful thing and worth writing about.”

What is the meaning behind the lyrics throughout the track?

“The meaning behind those words is that I would feel incredibly lost and lonely without their support. In honesty, I have been through some serious ups and downs over the past two years and I am grateful to the ones I love that have helped me. I’ve learned to realise that although it is hard to lose people, you’re lucky to have certain people in your life who really care and have been there all along, is nothing but a good thing.”

Finally, what does 2019 have in store for you?

“2019 definitely has some exciting things in store for me. I have some songs penned down and keen to write more before the end of this year, so an EP will definitely be on the way. Apart from all of my own shoes, I will also be supporting the band Marillion on their tour at the end of next year, including some incredible venues, including a couple of dates at The Royal Albert Hall in London. So all in all, I’m still enjoying the ride!”

You can purchase ‘Heart’s Rhythm’ from iTunes by clicking here. The track can also be streamed on Spotify through the link below and is also available to purchase through other responsible music purchasing outlets.

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