CelebMix’s Top Celebrity Moments Of 2017

Yesterday we started the brand new year, 2018; and, in the spirit of the celebration, we’ve decided to take a look back on the celebrity moments that captured us in 2017. Some have shocked us, some made us cry, others filled us with happiness. These moments totally ruled in 2017.

We asked our writers about their favourite celebrity moment of 2017 was and below are the results. Our writers have chosen the best, but not all have been included. It’s surprising to think that all this happened in 2017 – it truly has been a great year.

We hope you are sitting comfortably, totally prepared to relive all the incredible celebrity moments of 2017. This is quite a list and we hope we’ve included your favourite too.

Niall Horan Releasing His Debut Solo Album “Flicker” – Chosen by Amber Nordberg (CelebMix Editor)

“Watching Niall release hit after hit, and release ‘Flicker’ was hands down my favorite moment of 2017. Niall has really shown the world how talented, and hardworking he is. Every one of his songs makes you feel like you have traveled back in time, it’s truly incredible.”

Dan Reynolds’ Speech At The Trevor Project Live – Chosen by Jess (CelebMix Writer)

“Dan Reynolds’ speech at The Trevor Project Live is one that has stuck with me. There he revealed the LOVELOUD festival and foundation that he created for LGBTQ+ youth and talked about his past and it was overall a truly empowering, inspiring speech.”

One Tree Hill Cast Speaking Out About Sexual Assault On Set – Chosen by Ashley Dye (CelebMix Editor)

“The girls of OTH speaking out about sexual assault on set and being the best support team for one another. It goes without saying that the #MeToo movement opened conversation we’ve needed for far too long. However, this specific group of women really stuck out. As teenagers, many of us loved One Tree Hill and couldn’t fathom why members of the cast seemed to steer clear of conversation about their time there. It was brought to light that sexual harassment happened to several writers and actresses and they banded together to force us to open our eyes. Check out Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton on social media and you’ll see just a part of the bigger picture. They’re an unbreakable sisterhood.”

Check out the letter that was shared with Variety, signed by the cast members, about sexual assault.

Stranger Things Cast’s Acceptance Speech At The SAG Awards – Chosen by Lynn Macgillivray (CelebMix Writer)

“At a time when the world seems in so much turmoil and something bad has happened every time we turn on the news, this speech was really filled with togetherness. It gave me hope that maybe we can change the world and make it a more positive place to live in. And Winona Ryder’s facial expressions were just something else – what a cast!”

The One Love Manchester Concert – Chosen by Byaregal (CelebMix Writer)

“It was beautiful to see such solidarity and togetherness following the tragic incident and is a proof that music brings people together.”

Taylor Swift Winning The $1 Sexual Harassment Case – Chosen by Azra (CelebMix Writer)

“I think this was just a massive step not only for Taylor but for all sexual assault victims. The symbolic $1 helped a lot of women. What’s mind-blowing is the fact that Taylor still decided to do it full-on knowing that she’s gonna experience victim-blaming and false accusations and everyone saying she just wants attention or that it’s a PR stunt. I may not see eye-to-eye with her in most cases, but I’m glad she did this and she has my full support.”

Jay McGuiness & Siva Kaneswaran Beating The Hunters On Celebrity Haunted – Chosen by Katrina Rees (CelebMix Editor)

“I’ve never watched Hunted before, but when I found out that Jay and Siva from The Wanted were going to be on the celebrity version for Stand Up To Cancer, then I just had to watch. As a long-time fan of The Wanted, I knew that Jiva were a dream team but they truly outdid themselves on the show. My heart was in my mouth as they made it to the end, and I was delighted for them when they outwitted the hunters.”

BTS Arriving In America – Chosen by Ayushi (CelebMix Writer)

“For me, BTS’ arrival in America was a significant moment of 2017. When the Asian artists are struggling to acquire space in the mainstream, BTS did not just take center stage but brought attention to their part of the world where music is both thriving and advancing. They managed to become an influence and that too an important one.”

BTS: A Year In Review (2017)

The Hawaiian Dancers At Washington DC’s Supernatural Convention – Chosen by J Lauren (CelebMix Writer)

“It is a little on the odd side, but at the Supernatural convention in Washington DC, Misha Collins decided to bring in a bunch of Hawaiian dancers during his panel. While his best friend Darius Marder live-streamed the whole thing, Misha let fans come onto the stage and dance with him. Compared to other panels, it was magnificently different, and being able to witness it live was an absolute blessing.”

Toff Winning I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! – Chosen by Niki Smith (CelebMix Writer)

“Toff proved that girls are as strong as boys all the way through I’m A Celeb. She may be small, but she sure is mighty and her reaction to becoming queen of the jungle was just too adorable. I can’t wait to see her conquer the world in 2018.”

Louis Tomlinson’s Performance At The Royal Variety Show – Chosen by Kelly McFarland (CelebMix Editor)

“This performance was fantastic. Louis has come a long way since One Direction. His vocals, his band, the whole production was spot on. I look forward to seeing what he does in 2018.”

Little Mix’s Speech And After-Interview Upon Winning Their First Brit Award – Chosen by Nicola Craig (CelebMix Writer)

“Nobody will ever be able to forget this monumental occasion even if the girls might have after one too many drinks got consumed resulting in some hilarious antics. Their true, unfiltered friendship shone through and showed just how deserving the girls were of this award with THE catchiest single we’ve heard in ages.”

Twenty One Pilots Accepting Their Grammy Award In Their Underwear – Chosen by Annemarie Cutruzzola (CelebMix Writer)

“I watched this unfold on TV back in February and went from holding back laughter to holding back tears in about a minute. Of course, the fact that Tyler and Josh actually took their pants off and accepted the award in their underwear is both hilarious and iconic, but the story Tyler told in his speech about how it’s possible for anyone from anywhere to be successful was really heartwarming and inspirational. Plus, Tyler and Josh are so deserving of the award and I’m so proud of them!”

P!nk’s Acceptance Speech To Her Daughter at the MTV VMA’s – Chosen by Jonathan Currinn (CelebMix Editor)

“The first time I watched P!nk give this speech it made me tear up. Just hearing her send out courage and inspiration to the world, telling us all not to change, to be ourselves, and not let other make us conform; is truly amazing. This is an acceptance speech everyone needs to watch.”

Taylor Swift’s Performance On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon – Chosen by Cayla Masters (CelebMix Writer)

“When Taylor Swift performed ‘New Year’s Day’ on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon following the passing of his mother; it was beautiful how the lyrics unintentionally tied together with the story he shared during his monologue.”

Linkin Park’s Live Streamed Concert Of “Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life In Honor Of Chester Bennington” – Chosen by Michele Mendez (CelebMix Writer)

“Linkin Park live streamed their concert titled, “Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Bennington,” on YouTube. Many musicians from around the globe came together to honor the passing of the band’s lead singer, Chester Bennington. The performance was bittersweet.”

Aston Merrygold & Sarah Richards Getting Engaged – Chosen by Rachel Dempster (CelebMix Writer)

“This is a tough one, but I think it has to be Aston Merrygold and Sarah Richards getting engaged. With the couple expecting their first child at the beginning of 2018, their engagement came as great news!”

Aston Merrygold and Sarah Richards announce their engagement

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Getting Engaged – Chosen by Zoe Adams (CelebMix Writer)

“My favourite celebrity moment of 2017 is without a doubt one of my favourite people ever Joe Jonas getting engaged to one of my other favourite people ever Sophie Turner. I remember the day they announced their engagement like it was yesterday… Joe’s post on Instagram and then Sophie’s, the shock, choking on the Chicken McNugget I was eating at the time, the crazy fangirl shriek, the tears of happiness, the realisation that my favourite musician was getting married to my favourite actress, and then the determination that I needed to find a way to be invited to their wedding. Needless to say, I’m still waiting for my invite, but Joe and Sophie for the win!”

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are engaged!

WOW! What a year it has been. Let’s hope that 2018 has just as many amazing celebrity moments. Check out our 2017 favourite AlbumsEPs, Singles, Music Videos, Films, TV Series’, Memories, and CelebMix Articles; all chosen by our writers.

Did we include your favourite celebrity moment on this list? If not, tell us what your favourite celebrity moment of 2017 was on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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