Celebrities Party Rules And Gameplay

With most people finding themselves locked inside their homes 24 hours a day, they are turning to games and other technology-based activities to pass their time. Heck, some people are even playing board games, while others are making up their own. Whatever the situation is, there is no denying that one needs an outlet and games are a great one. That being said, one game that’s been getting a lot of attention as of late is a game known as Celebrities. While it might sound like a simple game at first, it can be loads of win with lots of laughs and good times. It’s also a game that you might be able to play over an online video chat platform with friends and family from around the world. If not, it can be enjoyed right from the comfort of your home with your immediate family as well.

However, if you are going to engage in the game and everything that it has to offer, you are going to need to fully understand the rules.

The Goal And Equipment

Luckily, Celebrities is a simple game that really requires minimal supplies. In fact, you really don’t need anything more than 4 to 12 players, several sheets of paper or index cards, and pens or pencils for each player and the scorekeeper. The main objective of the entire game is to guess as many celebrities in a single round as you can. You’ll obviously want top guess more than the opposing teams. Sounds pretty simple, right? It is, but remember this is a game that’s best enjoyed with at least six to eight players so make sure that you have a sizable crowd.

The Setup

Whether you are playing poker online with quality online gambling establishments like the one mentioned here or you are setting up your own games, you have to know and understand the setup. Celebrities starts with each player receiving a slip of paper. Each player will write down a different celebrity name on their paper while trying to keep it secret. All of the names are then torn off the paper and placed in a hat or bowl. You can use the name of any celebrity, professional athlete, or political figure. As long as they are known in the public eye and considered a celebrity. After the names are placed in the receptacle, players will be split into teams of two. You can play teams of threes if you want, but it is best for teams of twos.

Each team will elect a member to be the clue giver and the others will become the official guessers. The clue giver will then draw a name from the hat or bowl while the remaining players on the team try to guess who that celebrity is.

Time Limits

Each team will be allowed as many guesses as they want when trying to identify celebrities via their clue-giver. However, the team will only have 60 seconds as a whole top guess the right celebrity. The clue-giver can give as many clues as they want, but the clues will have to be restricted to not directly mentioning the individual on the paper. For instance, you cannot tell the team what their name starts with or you cannot tell them what position the individual holds. You can say something like they are currently in the democratic office or involved in politics. You just can’t get as specific as saying they are a senator or judge.

Written by Monella