Chloë Grace Moretz becomes first American to appear on SNL Korea and speak only in Korean

Chloë Grace Moretz makes special appearance on SNL Korea! Watch Here!

We are so impressed! Chloë Grace Moretz delivered a spot on perfomance on SNL Korea over the weekend! She didn’t play around she dove deep into the Korean Culture and even spoke the native tongue on the show! Brilliant!

The beautiful actress took to Instagram and posted an excerpt of her skit and captioned it, “Exciting to be the very First American on SNL Live and to speak in only Korean!!! #Korea #KimchiSlap #NOWOLSAEEE”

She also seemed to get along very well with the girls of Mamamoo, a K-Pop group, and even posed with them for an adorable photo. Her visit to Seoul also included meeting some local fans, seeing the sights and eating “amazing Korean food.”

According to her most recent Instagram post Chloë had an amazing time in Korea. She felt very welcomed and seemed to enjoy the entire trip. After this successful trip it is quite obvious she WILL make a return and we are very happy for her!

She even took to Twitter to spread the love and happiness Korea shared with her. She is so adorable! She’s extremely positive and clearly enjoys taking time to stop and thank everyone/thing that makes her journey that much more pleasant.

We are so proud of Chloë Grace Moretz and cannot wait to see what else she will bring to the table! She will be spilling more tea about her role in The Little Mermaid very soon so stayed tuned for our upcoming pieces on that! Tweet us @CelebMix and let us know if you enjoyed Chloë’s skit as much as we did!

Written by CelebMix