Cimorelli Fans Share Inspirational Stories Under #IAmAlive

Cimorelli recently announced that their sophomore album Alive will be available to download and stream everywhere on May 5th, 2017. The record was originally released in December 2016 exclusively on PledgeMusic. The music video for the title track will also be released on the 5th. Alive is described as “a positive, uplifting collection of life songs and some worship songs.”

Leading up to the official release of the album, Cimorelli has created a six-part documentary, in which each sister tells a personal story behind one of the songs on Alive. These documentary videos are available to watch on the band’s Facebook page. So far, Katherine Cimorelli shared a personal story about heartbreak, and how it eventually inspired the song ‘Alive.

In the 2nd documentary video, Dani Cimorelli tells a story about how a conversation she had with a fan inspired her to write the powerful anti-suicide song ‘One More Night’.

In addition to these videos, the band has started a movement called #IAmAlive. They encouraged fans who had already heard the album on PledgeMusic to tell their stories about how one of the songs on Alive has affected them. A quick scroll through the hashtag will reveal countless heartfelt videos and text posts from fans sharing personal stories about how messages in band’s songs helped them get through difficult times. Here are just a few posts from #IAmAlive:

We are definitely huge fans of this entire Alive campaign. From hearing emotional stories behind the songs from the Cimorelli girls themselves to seeing how the music changed the lives of fans across the world, it’s an all-around beautiful and heartwarming celebration of the positive messages in the album Alive. If you’re needing a bit of a boost today, check out #IAmAlive for some seriously uplifting and motivational stories! Don’t miss the album’s official release on iTunes, Spotify, and more on May 5th.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.