Photo credits: Citizen Kane Wayne

CONCERT REVIEW: An Inside Look At Spencer Ludwig’s Brooklyn Residency, “Le Trumpet”

Since January, pop trumpeter, Spencer Ludwig, has hosted an electrifying self-curated monthly residency at the The Freehold in Brooklyn, New York — fittingly titled, “Le Trumpet.” Tucked in the corners of the Williamsburg, The Freehold is an intimate venue with plenty of personality, allowing Ludwig the opportunity to push the boundaries of what Brooklynites will typically find on a night out. Last Friday, April 26th, was a particularly special performance for Ludwig.

“We’re here to celebrate two special things,” he announced before the lights behind him faded to a soft purple. “One of them is the return of Game Of Thrones. And the other is to celebrate the life of one of my heroes, Prince.” Just five days prior was the three year anniversary of the pop icon’s passing, with the premiere of the final season of Game Of Thrones occurring the previous Sunday. Various tributes to both were sprinkled throughout the night, with a throne built in the back of the room and a sword swallower to kick off the evening.

Entering with a brass marching band performing the Game Of Thrones theme song, Ludwig (dressed in a purple robe) followed with his trumpet. As Ludwig transitioned into his single “Diggy,” the crowd quickly formed a solid community of uninhibited dancers.

Ludwig’s repertoire for the evening comprised of instantly recognizable singles such as “Best Life” and “I Just Wanna Dance” while also paying tribute to Prince with a handful of covers including “Controversy,” “Diamonds or Pearls,” and “1999.”

He played a handful of unreleased tracks while also mixing in covers like Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” and “Chunky” by Bruno Mars that kept the crowd engaged. Ludwig closed out the evening by riding into the crowd on a dragon float. Somewhere along the ride, he was handed a large box of pizza, of which he soon tossed slices into the audience.

Photo credits: Citizen Kane Wayne

Le Trumpet is an immersive, non-stop party that promises new surprises every month. Spencer Ludwig is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and trumpeter whose tracks have been featured alongside brands such as Bacardi, Royal Caribbean, and Target. You can check out the next and final evening of “Le Trumpet” at the Freehold on June 28th.

Written by Oleva Berard

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