Watch this fan-made cover and music video for “Drag me down”

1D’s new song “Drag me down” was a massive hit and it’s officially the band’s most successful single EVER. While the chart topping single (and we’re talking #1 in 80+ countries WITHOUT promotion) remains without an official music video yet, we’ve stumbled upon a cover/music video by YouTube channel Kurt Hugo Schneider and we have to admit- IT’S AMAZING.

Performing the song we have the lovely duo Megan Nicole and Sam Tsui who ride along on AirWheels during the entire video and it’s pretty epic. The clip also features backup dancers and choreography which makes it that much better.

The video was released three days ago, and it already has 600,000+ views.

Check out the video below and share your thoughts. Also don’t forget to thank @megannicole @SamuelTsui and @KurtHSchneider on Twitter for the video.


Written by Azra

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