Dami Im performing "Marching On" behind a piano at Eurovision - Australia Decides

Dami Im Releases New Single “Marching On” And Collaborates With Eurovision Winner Måns Zelmerlöw On A New Version Of “Walk With Me”

This week has been absolutely massive for Dami Im, she has announced so much that we can barely keep up, talk about giving us more than we need but it’s her new single “Marching On” that has caught our attention the most, purely because it is absolutely incredible! She also dropped a collaboration with Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw titled “Walk With Me” which is a new version to the Swedish song that originally sees Måns Zelmerlöw collaborate with Dotter (who recently made it straight through to the Final of Melodifestivalen 2020 – could she represent Sweden at Eurovision 2020?). These single releases follow up Dami Im’s single “Kiss You Anyway” and Måns Zelmerlöw’s 2019 album release Time.

This wasn’t the only announcement from the runner-up of Eurovision 2016, she also announced during Eurovision – Australia Decides, that she’ll be competing in the national selection show for 2021, it won’t be an easy ride as she’ll have to compete against other acts for the right to represent Australia at Eurovision 2021, but if she does she can avenge herself and claim her rightful crown as she was so robbed in 2016 (although we loved Jamala’s “1944”, shame they both couldn’t’ve won). As well as this exciting piece of news, the first show of the 17th season of Australia’s version of Dancing With The Stars kicked off on 9 February 2020, and Dami Im is a contestant. She is paired with Shae Mountain and scored 14 points after dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Lover“, she was also the last to perform, placing her joint-sixth. We’re excited to watch this journey for her and it could lead to amazing choreography in future music videos.

For those of you who don’t know, Dami Im is a crazily talented artist who first made her name known for winning the fifth season of the Australian version of The X Factor. Run forward a couple of years and she ends up representing Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song “Sound of Silence”; she placed second overall with Australia’s best result – 511 points. The song had moderate success internationally and she’s destined to become a global star. She dropped her fifth studio album, back in 2018, titled I Hear A Song which really showcased her as an artist. Her Live Sessions EP was released at the start of last year and really shows off her stage presence and her ability to engage with her fans. Now, she’s been releasing new music, with “Crying Underwater” being one of our favourite songs of 2019. We hope another album is on its way.

Her new song, “Marching On” has been written by Dami Im herself, whilst it has been produced by Andy Mak. The song is about realising how difficult life can be for others, especially your mother. Dami Im delves deep into the lyrics believing that her mother was strong and fearless, but as she has turned into a grown woman, she realises – as we all do, that parents just do their best and they all have their ups and downs, and we’re all just moving on through life, fighting against any struggles we are going through. A music video for the song will be released this Friday.

She said about the song: “‘Marching On’ was inspired by the strong and resilient women in my life. It is about a daughter reflecting on the character of her mother. Initially perceiving her as a person who was perfect & unafraid of anything… but then one day realizing her mother was just a woman walking through the storms of life with the same frailties as herself.”

Listen To Dami Im’s New Single “Marching On” Here:

As for her collaboration with Måns Zelmerlöw on “Walk With Me”… Well… We love it! The original has this aesthetically pleasing sound to it as Måns Zelmerlöw and Dotter’s vocals harmonize beautifully, whereas Dami Im brings her own twist to the song adding a passionate vocal with some gorgeous riffs and she manages to delve deep with the track emotionally and vocally.

This is such a beautiful collaboration, so much so that we hope they collaborate again but on their own song rather than reworking a previous track.

Listen To Måns Zelmerlöw And Dami Im’s New Version Of “Walk With Me” Here:

Both tracks are available to download and stream right now. Dami Im has plenty of exciting things happening in the coming years, and we can’t wait to watch as she achieves more and more and gains the success she clearly deserves.

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