Darren and Chuck Criss Release new EP “Lost Boys Life”

Darren and Chuck Criss have teamed up to form a new duo titled Computer Games and the brothers have just released their first EP ‘Lost Boys Life.’ 

Although Darren, 30, and Chuck, 31, have always created music together, the timing to release something hadn’t been right – until now. On finally working with his brother, Darren tells Entertainment Weekly, “It’s really overdue. I feel like if I’d waited any longer, it would’ve driven me mad.”

The time between their high school years and now has been quite busy for the Criss brothers. Chuck has been a part of the band Freelance Whales, while also starting a family. Darren has found success with his theatre company StarKid, his portrayal of Blaine Anderson on Glee, and his role in the Broadway show Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

On the name of their new EP as Computer Games, Darren tells Billboard, “All the music [on the EP] is thematically sort of adolescent, and sonically adolescent – it sounds like the popular sounds of the late ‘80s, early ‘90s, when we were little kids. In that sense, it’s about not wanting to give that up, and sort of living this Lost Boys Life.”

On the future of Computer Games, Chuck says, “We’d love to record an album at some point, if there’s demand for it. Even if there isn’t maybe we’ll just do it anyway because obviously we’re doing this to fulfill a promise to ourselves.” Darren continues, “It’s something that we’re passionate about, and if it catches on, then great, but if it doesn’t, we still win. We’re still so thrilled that we got to get together and put this out into the world. It’s not just to make our parents happy.”

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