REVIEW: Lea Michele and Darren Criss – live in London

At how many shows can you expect to hear songs by Katy Perry, Young the Giant and Barbra Streisand? We’ll bet a million dollars that it will only happen at a Lea Michele and Darren Criss concert.

Last week, Lea Michele and Darren Criss kicked off the UK and Ireland leg of their LM/DC tour in Dublin, and Sunday night saw them taking the stage at a sold-out Eventim Apollo in London. During the two-hour show, the dynamic duo brought the house down with their own original songs, classic show tunes, and memorable Glee numbers.

The former Glee stars opened the night with ‘Broadway Baby’, ‘Suddenly Seymour’ and ‘Falling Slowly’ all of which displayed their unlimited range and beautiful harmonies. From the moment they stepped onstage, it was clear that the two have an immense amount of respect for each other and that they share a unique bond and a strong friendship. Although they are two very different types of artists and individuals, they somehow mesh together perfectly.

Lea Michele’s solo set consisted of songs from her own repertoire such as ‘Cannonball’ and ‘Run To You’ and Glee favourites like ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Glitter In The Air’. Particularly the latter song, as well as her cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Edge Of Glory’, gave the audience an insight to Lea’s personal life as she shared intimate stories about her family and her struggles with stage fright. You could feel every word she was singing and the vulnerability behind them. In between the songs, Lea couldn’t contain her excitement of being back in London and her infectious laugh could be heard even without a microphone. Her flawless rendition of the Funny Girl classic ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ brought the entire audience to its feet, while everyone got teary-eyed during her cover of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. In the spirit of Christmas, Lea also promised a fan on Twitter that she would perform a Christmas song at the London show and Lea kept that promise by singing ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’. At the end of her set, Darren came back onstage to sing ‘Getaway Car’ from Lea’s sophomore album ‘Places’.

Just like Lea, Darren Criss’ solo set was a mix of his own songs such as ‘Foolish Thing’ and ‘Not Alone’ and Glee covers like ‘Cough Syrup’ and ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’. During his set, he not only showed off his impressive vocals, but he also showcased his musicality and raw talent. His cover of ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Misérables was a perfect example of how Darren has a love for both Broadway and indie music, an unusual yet perfect combination. Darren has a tradition of choosing a new song to sing every show to make it more unpredictable. He always chooses a song that has a connection to the location of the concert, and for London, he chose ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ by the British band Keane. His rendition of ‘Teenage Dream’ was the equivalent to Lea’s ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’, and by the end of the performance, he had all of the fans on their feet cheering for what felt like hours.

One of the most special things the audience took away from the show was the energy. Lea and Darren created a relaxed yet fun atmosphere with their banter with each other and their connection with the crowd. This show particularly differentiated itself from other concerts in the way the artists connected with the audience. Both Lea and Darren talked to the crowd in between every single song, sharing special anecdotes about themselves, their careers and the songs they were singing. The night also had a spontaneous feel to it because of the connection with the excited fans – some of the highlights include Lea singing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ with the crowd, and Darren singing the chorus of ‘Goin’ Back To Hogwarts’.

For the finale, the two sang a special duet of ‘This Time’ – the song Darren wrote for Lea’s character Rachel Berry in Glee. This was a perfect example of how they create magic when they unite. Lea’s perfect voice and Darren’s clever lyrics make up a great force of power and we can only hope to get more collaborations like this from them in the future. After this, the crowd had a dance party to ‘Don’t You Want Me’ from Lea and Darren’s early Glee days.

The encore was a large contrast to the rest of the night, with Lea and Darren singing a special, unplugged version of ‘Make You Feel My Love’. This number was perhaps the most magical moment of the evening as the venue was so quiet you could hear a pin drop – the only sound was Lea and Darren’s magnificent voices.

The LM/DC tour is unlike any other shows out there, and Lea Michele and Darren Criss gave their fans an unforgettable and magical experience with a night of celebrating music, love, laughter and fun. As we exited the Eventim Apollo, we were surrounded by a sea of overjoyed, singing fans, who surely wished that the night could have gone on forever.

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Written by Josephine Sjelhøj

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