Dejhare drops her new single “Trust My Love” ahead of the album release

Dejhare is set to release her first full-length album Unbreakable. With all songs written and produced by Dejhare, and with co-writing and co-production support from Robert Berry, the album combines a variety of sounds to bring a refreshing new groove to the pop landscape.

With influences ranging from soft rock to world beat, and with a sprinkling of jazz and Motown, Dejhare’s music is inventive and vocal-focused: “My songs are deeply expressive of personal experiences, dreams, and feelings, and the universality of these emotions. In this album, my approach was to be as open and unrestricted as possible to best enrich my emotions with music”, says Dejhare. 

To kickstart her new project, Dejhare has released the first single off her album. Titled “Trust My Love”, the song talks about the healing power of compassion. As a medium of confession and conversation, the song has been used to reassure the lover that they can trust their partners and must revel in the adventures this liaison brings in their lives. The conversational tone of the song makes the exchange playful and leaves a feeling of giddiness in the listeners. 

Set to release in the late Summer of 2019, Unbreakable will be both a sequel to Dejhare’s first EP and also a new beginning into her musical journey.

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Written by Ayushi

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