Demi Lovato Releases New Racy Single ‘Body Say’

Yesterday, Demi Lovato revealed some sexy snaps on Instagram to promote her new single ‘Body Say’. Demi has posted four black and white racy photos, appearing totally naked rolling around in a bed, showing off her stunning figure and tattoos.

One particular photo can be seen of Demi, sat up in bed, facing away from the camera with a glimpse of her behind on show as she runs her hands through her hair. The caption reveals lyrics from the new single “If I had it my way I would take you down #BodySay”

An hour after that, she treated everybody to another snap of her lying on her back with a caption showing more ‘Body Say’ lyrics. “If I had it my way I would turn you out #BodySay”

And two more photos of her rolled over on to her stomach in the classiest of poses with the captions, “And if my body had a say I would come again #BodySay” and “Scared of what I might say cause I’m at the edge #BodySay”.

The lyrics to the new single are extremely raunchy but Demi has presented them in such a classy way, sharing how confident she has become with herself and her body. Demi has always been one to speak out about body confidence and many girls and women look up to her for being such a role model. This single shows us how far she has come along regarding body confidence and we can only imagine that the music video is going to be a complete masterpiece!

Demi has been body shamed in the past and occasionally in the present – this song is Demi putting a middle finger up to all the haters that used to put her down. This time, she’s embracing all of herself, instead of allowing strangers behind their computer screens to keep her hidden.

Demi tweeted fans yesterday about the new single, explaining that ‘Body Say’ had only been written and recorded a couple of weeks ago! Demi was definitely on a roll to share this one with all of her Lovatics!

‘Body Say’ is available on Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play. If you’d like to listen to it right now, here is the Spotify link to her new and incredibly catchy single ‘Body Say!’

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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