Descendants 2: Meet The Forgotten Villain Kids

It’s been a day – one full day – since we were given a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes of “It’s Going Down”; which is set to be the music video of the next song to be dropped by the Descendants 2 cast. Now, they have dropped a “Meet The Forgotten Villain Kids” teasing trailer. This has certainly got us even more excited, and it contains some never-before-seen scenes, that are bound to be iconic.

This video fully introduces the forgotten villain kids. These descendants are the evil ones in this sequel film; consisting of Uma – daughter of Ursula (played by China Anne McClain), Harry – son of Captain Hook (played by Thomas Doherty), and Gil – son of Gaston (played by Dylan Playfair).

From the official trailer, we know the rough storyline; and the release of that trailer surprised us all. Yet, having a full video which introduces us to these forgotten villain kids, has totally fuelled our excitement.

Watch The Descendants 2 “Meet The Forgotten Villain Kids” Video Here:

Many of the scenes, we have already seen due to the “What’s My Namemusic video and lyric video. Other scenes we’ve seen from the official trailer. As well as other teasers.

On the other hand, there are many scenes in this video that we haven’t seen. We totally love the Uma and Mal scene, where the former says: “You know, I’ve dreamed of this.” Consequently, the latter then replies with: “I’m so flattered you dream of me.” That is going to be one iconic line.

Then there’s Harry’s line to Uma: “You said that I could hook him.” You go, Thomas Doherty, with your mean pirate voice. Iconic!

Then there’s the last scene in this video that will surely create tension towards the end of the film. Uma says to Mal: “Give me the wand.” which sees Mal shriek: “Give me Ben!”

Our excitement level can’t get any higher. Why can’t it be 21 July 2017 yet? We need this film on our TV screens before we burst with excitement. The film will be shown across five networks in the US. Other country release dates have yet to be announced.

As one of the most anticipated Disney TV films ever, we have received loads of teasers, from promotional posters, to “Under The Sea” and “Long Live Evil” trailers; from the official trailer to a behind-the-scenes video. We’ve also had live performances on the RDMAs and Dancing With The Stars, and let’s not forget about the music videos and lyric videos released of “Ways To Be Wicked” and “What’s My Name“.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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