Directioner turns CelebMix article into artwork!

A talented Directioner has turned a CelebMix article into some fabulous artwork, and we love it.

We were already pretty chuffed when Harry Styles’ mum saw our piece on the man himself, but we were shocked when we saw this beautiful artwork featuring the words from the piece.

Tahira, who made the artwork, told CelebMix: “I used the article because I feel like too many people see the boys as a brand and not for who they are or what they’re individually trying to represent or achieve.

“Harry’s personality is truly extraordinary. It’s nice when there’s genuine positive articles out there that aren’t just written to create gossip and rumours!”

Aww, thank you! We HEART this artwork and would love to see more! Send stuff to @CelebMix and make us smile.

Written by CelebMix